Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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Got the game on PC. It seems to be a step in the right direction. Probably the most fun feeling and playing since CoD4.
Well to be fairly honest these looks pretty damn good.


I won't get it though, still don't trust them and I don't like the setting, futuristic stuff.
But I didn't follow the development of this one either so I don't know how much work did they put in this time.
The game feels fairly stable. The graphical fidelity is interesting. Definitely better than previous CoD games.
Just completed the campaign on veteran, seems like your typical over the top COD rail shooter to me with every single cliche since MW1. I will admit that the graphics in this one is by far the best in the entire series and the weapons are very fun to use (they have a freakin beam rifle with unlimited ammo for crying out loud, how can that not be cool?), plus the EXO suits do grant you a lot more than simple run and gun with deployable shields, cloaking and a grappling hook that you can use for silent takedowns (or pretending to be batman). My only gripe is that the plot can't stay focused, chucking characters at me that I just couldn't give a damn about and having me swap between every single faction under the sun, something which I find makes it harder for me to really care about what's going on or who to root for as they just can't seem to keep me put.

So whilst it is pretty much the same as every COD since MW1 (right down to the settings, these guys just can't stay away from Murica or the middle east can they?), it is a damn sight better than what Infinity ward or treyarch have been able to pump out recently. I just wish they had pushed the series even further from its current status and gone back to the glory days of the original COD, no perks, no regenerating health and no gimmicks, just good old fashioned Jerry whacking.
New developer, new setting, new mechanics and TotalBiscuit likes it.

I'm incredibly tempted, but ultimately won't purchase because they're still too stupid to implement dedicated server support. Host ping advantage and hacking? No ty.
It was rumored to have dedicated servers but clearly does not. So yeah, stupid move there.

Yeah, it's still Call of Duty but that's not inherently awful, even if the last 6 games were. The mechanics and weapons lifted from Unreal Tournament are what interest me.

I still think UT 99 and 04 are the best arcade shooters out there.
Sir Prince said:
I haven't heard anything about it having dedicated servers, and its still CoD gameplay.

Looked it up earlier and it does not appear to have dedicated server so instantly I will not buy it.
I'd say I may buy it a few years down the road but that won't happen either because they never drop their ****ing prices. BO2 is still $60usd and that was two or three games ago. I literally can't even think of another game company charging so much for so long. Even blizzard crammed base WoW with every expansion besides the newest into a single 20 dollar thing.
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