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hello all,

i just found out about this game(day ago) and i really like it,
so i wanted to go buy the game, so i went to the paying site
there i put in my bank number, but it says:
wrong number

it looks like my card isnt supported, neither by paypal or with normal payment
i got a worldcard from ABN Amro, a maestro card and am from the netherlands

so i would like to ask if there is any way to get the serial key still?
i cant wait to play the game, and if there is no solution i will never be able to play  :cry:

i dont know what can be done but things like the following came up in me
-making maestro card supported for payment
-sell the game in the dutch shops, so we can pay it in cash, or just our normal cards(will take a time though)
-a free serial key, either from developers, or maybe someone is very nice and buys it for me  :eek:

i know it isnt allowed to ask for free keys, but i really really wanna play this game,
and if there is no solution i would love to get one for free, so i can play it

and no this is no way to scam a free key, i really love the game and that little amount of money 23,66
is certainly worth it, also i got enough money myself, so this bit i dont care

thanks a lot,
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