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Hey everybody; I've played a lot of unmodded Bannerlord and about 2 weeks ago decided it was time to mod. I'm not saying I tried every mod out there, but I did try a whole lot of them and I figured since it took some work to get everything stable, I would share my conclusions. I'm going to assume you've done a little bit of modding and know how to drag and enable them.

Preface: Lots of mods require one or more of the following helper mods. Install all of these, in this order, above all the Native modules:
🧈 Harmony
🧈 BetterExceptionWindow
🧈 ButterLib
🧈 UIManagerEx
🧈 ModConfigurationMenu

Part 1 of 5 --- 🍦 🍦 🍦 Buttercream 🍦 🍦 🍦 --- ALL this stuff should be in Native, and if it's not alphabetical, it is a load order suggestion
🍦 Realistic Battle AI
🍦 RTSCamera + Command
🍦 AI Values Life
🍦 Bear My Banner (MCM)
🍦 Real Horses, & Greater Improved Camels
🍦 Better Time
(adds the 4x button)
🍦 Consider My Kingdom
-- this might be redundant with Allegiance Overhaul mod below, but is stable
🍦 Defend Yourself
🍦 Dynaculture (MCM)
🍦 Feel the Hit
🍦 FixedFormationSpawns
-- niche issue, but doesn't break anything
🍦 Foozle's Map Pack
🍦 Governors Handle Issues
- makes appointing a governor do something!
🍦 Helmet Hair Cover Tweaks
🍦 Houses of Calradia (Custom Spawns)
--- lets other clans live & grow
🍦 I don't care
---- would be nice if it did onscreen Banner notices too
🍦 Leave on Click
🍦 Loot Everyone (MCM)
🍦 No Relation
🍦 Party AI Overhaul Commands Continued
🍦 PhotoMod
🍦 Responsive Soldiers -
(except for Chargeshouting lol)
🍦 SimmerDownMeow
🍦 Simpleshieldpatterns
- I tweaked it from Level 15->Level 21 to see more 'generic' shields
🍦 SpBetterBows - Some archery nerd went and re-nocked all the bows! Not sure it works but doesn't break anything
🍦 SurrenderTweaks
🍦 Tournament Fair Armor
🍦 Treeless Female Troops
- Randomizes gender for every troop tree!
🍦 TrueRelationsFix
🍦 UseYourArmytoBuildImprovements
- ask any soldier what idle armies do...

Part 2 of 5 --- πŸ₯„ πŸ₯„ πŸ₯„ Help Yourself πŸ₯„ πŸ₯„ πŸ₯„ --- these could all stand to be Native, but they either have a lot of interface options or other issues which move them to "Intermediate User"
πŸ₯„ Allegiance Overhaul (MCM) - defaults to no changes; gives logs and conflicts!
πŸ₯„ AutoTrader
πŸ₯„ Diplomacy (MCM)
πŸ₯„ DismembermentPlus (MCM)
πŸ₯„ Interesting Companions
-- more, and higher-tier, companions in the world
πŸ₯„ Improved Garrisons
πŸ₯„ More Income and More Production
πŸ₯„ More Settlement Actions -
so good!
πŸ₯„ **Noble Titles -- inconsistency in TaleWorlds titling causes "Queen Queen Yara" occasionally
πŸ₯„ Party Screen Enhancements -- would be higher, but _some_ of this is coming to Native 1.6; but not the upgrade trees
πŸ₯„ Separatism
πŸ₯„ Settlement Icons
(coming to Native)

Part 3 of 5 --- Mix-Ins --- Immersion or recommended improvements to game data/systems; these could unbalance your savegame/campaign :: A few have instructions to clear any mod data while in-game before removing the mod so as to keep your savegame clean, so pay attention if that's your thing.

::SYSTEMS:: πŸ₯œ πŸ₯œ "Nuts" - Crunchy Bit sπŸ₯œ πŸ₯œ
πŸ₯œ Attributes Matter
- makes heroes heroic!
πŸ₯œ *Bandit Militias - good, but might be the source of a lot of message spam
πŸ₯œ Better AutoCalc -- not much different imo
πŸ₯œ Better Horse Charges (MCM) (tweak multiplier downward slightly, 1.25->1.15)
πŸ₯œ Better Raiding Loot -- wayyyyy more loot
πŸ₯œ DaytimeHideouts -- am I waiting for you to get home before I raid your loot?
::TROOPS/ITEMS:: πŸ‡πŸ‰πŸŒπŸπŸ“πŸ’πŸ₯ "Fruits" - Sweet BitsπŸ‡πŸ‰πŸŒπŸπŸ“πŸ’πŸ₯
🍍 Addonay's Troop Changer requirement!
πŸ‡ *Calradia at War/Custom Spawns - text spam?
πŸ’ Open Source Armory + Items, Items, Items
πŸ‰ Kaoses Expanded Bandits Vanilla Trees
🍌 More Troops -
Everybody in the pool!

Part 4 of 5 --- πŸ₯“πŸ₯“πŸ₯“ Bacon Bits πŸ₯“πŸ₯“πŸ₯“ -- Completely Optional but delicious
πŸ₯“ BattleMinimap - I use it occasionally, but it hurts immersion imo
πŸ₯“ Character Export - save & load body presets; I hear it can do other things, too
πŸ₯“ Character Reload - Edit anyone right in the Encyclopedia
πŸ₯“ Deadshot - You're fighting COMPUTERS, Ted
πŸ₯“ KaosesTweaks - contains lots of parameters to adjust your campaign; I differentiated trade goods' & food prices by tiers to give a little more price variation: ~2000 for spice!
πŸ₯“ LootLord - for the good stuff; although I now have 40 noble bows...
πŸ₯“ MarryAnyone - Lord Byron Simulator; I'm at 26!
πŸ₯“ FixedPregnancyControl - Carol Danvers Simulator
πŸ₯“ Transmogrification - Change item appearance for your fashion show

Guess what? ALL OF THE ABOVE MODS can be added to your EXISTING CAMPAIGN! Caveat Balancer

Part 5 of 5 --- 🍴🍴🍴 Game Overhauls 🍴🍴🍴 -- Starting a new game? Always start here!

πŸ” Calradia Expanded -- map mod, new games only
πŸ§† Cultured Start - for new starts only; I don't think it triggered for me, but everyone recommends it and it doesn't break anything
πŸ— Detailed Char Creator -- Great mod, but breaks my Encyclopedia when added midgame

EPILOGUE --- "What about x?"

Well, I probably tried it. Here are a few that didn't make the cut for different reasons:

De Re Militari -- this is a very good idea, but the implementation conflicts with adding other troop trees
Realistic Battle Combat Module - not until I can adjust hand placements via MCM. I'll deal with it if Taleworlds makes the change, but I'm not relearning how to swing every polearm
Extended Family -- too much text in the Encyclopedia for me
BannerPaste -- I don't know what this is for! It doesn't break anything to have it installed
Telepathy ---- Letters in 'Diplomacy' trumps this, but FYI it exists
Scouting Actually Works No Herd Fix -- this didn't break anything but didn't appear to function

All of these sound cool, but I tried, and they do not function:
CRASH CODES: (L, on launch; S, on load; D, during game; B, balance breaker)
D- !?!?!?Distinguished Service!?!?!? Runs, triggers, but crashes on GetFirstName(); savegame problem?
D- Succession; crashes on succession check, but lots of other mods too...
D- Interesting Clans -- seems to break existing saves as well as not work in new ones, even with the Fix
L- Equipment in Encyclopedia?!? isn't working not sure if load order/too many items.xml adds
L- Lord From Family
S- Arranged Marriage / + for Family
?- HORSEBREEDING?!?!?! - won't enable checkbox no matter where I put it; The mod has Taleworlds DLLs in the Module folder; not liking that
B- Pacemaker - the tweaks all work, but the balance/compensator is really bad

Okay, that's it for now. 1.6 and lots of mod changes coming, but I will make a new post then! Enjoy!

Does anyone know if you can make a mod which is just a "subscription" of multiple other modules? I can manage myself, but that might help newer players.


Hi! Do you have a stable mod list for version e1.6.0? I'm super new to modding Bannerlord and I'm not sure what mods to install and where to begin.


Hi! Do you have a stable mod list for version e1.6.0? I'm super new to modding Bannerlord and I'm not sure what mods to install and where to begin.
Not yet. I was just updated by Steam to 1.5.10 last night and have been updating my mods. I will do a 1.5.10 post in this thread probably tonight or tomorrow. (Minimap and RtsCommands stopped working! edit: had to reinstall the 1.5.10 patches, then they worked)

Regarding 1.6, I know there are lots of mods with specific 1.6 updates. I am going to do another post like this big one, but not until 1.6 is the Release version; make sense?
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Mods really give new life to this game, I'm in 1.5.8 because the Veteran/Family/kingdom Start remains there, but I use many of those ones too, including the Calardia expanded, it's fabulous.
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