INT Native Duel Busby Redemption Duel Tournament - 160$ Prize Pool

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Next deadline is Friday 9th. This seed will be #1 vs #2 and #3 vs #4.
Please post your results and fight your fights. It is super stressfull that i have to contact players to push for fights to happen. You signed up yourself, and all you have to do is fight :razz:
Sir_Fail-A-Lot 0 - 7 LGN_Shovenio

gfs :smile:


Hello everyone. Group stages are now DONE. Later today i will be posting the first 16 knockout matches with the 2 winners from each group.
Due to a massive DDoS and script attack on The_Ludus i'm also trying to work out an alternative.

As in we have 32 winners who will all have randomised fights*
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Here are the first knockout fights. Only fight this one fight so we can update it as we go. Fights posted here as most of you've done already, or a private message to me on steam.


DEADLINE for these fights will be Friday 16th of April. This is because of the potential stream of the amazing matchups we're gonna be witnessing soon.
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