INT Native Duel Busby Redemption Duel Tournament - 160$ Prize Pool

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Missing fights:

Sinister_Death vs Bulat
Gold vs Tristan
ONeil vs Rhea
Moontor vs Sexytime
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Sinister_Death vs Bulat AUTORESOLVE: Win for Sinister
Gold vs Tristan: Gold off the rader, default win for Tristan
ONeil vs Rhea: Rhea off the rader, default win for ONeil
Moontor vs Sexytime happening tonight, both parties agreed

Now all the results are in for the first week. After the tremendous amount of activity already, the next deadline will be WEDNESDAY 31 MARCH
Matches will be: 1st seed vs 3rd seed, 2nd seed vs 4th seed.
To make an example out of group 1 it will be Maximou vs Blue_Ice and Brownie vs attila.

If you already fought the match before this deadline, please post your results down below for this deadline only. Last group fight announcement will be coming wednesday at 10PM GMT+1


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