Building textures and models look horrible.

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I really hope most of the building textures are placeholders. Ive seen some serious, below, AMATUER work. One that got me really bad was the bricks and decorative pieces of one of the arenas being clearly missaligned. Im no pro, but i can do a better job than this. That is why i say "below amateur" because i am a amatuer and find this work really bad. Idk, it is just alot of work to go back and fix that now. Things like this need to be fixed from the get go. As long as this game has been in developmet, and the product we have to show..... there must have been some serious shakeup or conflict going on at the studio.
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yeah the fruits of their labor are rather underwhelming. and keep in mind i was never a believer of the hype to begin with and i'm still disappointed
I think the textures look fine overall, but some of the environment models are pretty sloppy. Much of the problem for me is how they are pieced together. Many design decisions were made to cut corners or for lack of varied and modular assets. It seems like the folks making the scenes were not given adequate support from modelers to have scenes look polished and really click. I assume they did not have much feedback or supervision, it shows. There is evidence of rushed work, laziness / sloppiness in almost every aspect of the game. From some of the more amateurish unpolished models, how sloppily some objects were placed, to the incredible amount of bugs. No quality control going on, or if there was, they were completely overwhelmed by the volume of low quality work that they didn't know what to redo, restart or finish. The best modelers were probably working of characters, armor, clothing. I'm sure they hired a fair amount of novices to cut their teeth on some of these lower quality models and that's fine, but it seems like these things weren't getting looked at closely enough. Maybe that's just a symptom of this phase of development (early access).

TaleWorlds need more qualified people and better management. I don't believe the folks who started the company are capable of leading a relatively largish gaming studio. Its very different from being a handful of guys, working out of a studio apartment or wherever, programming a medieval battle simulator with a map overview. At its core, that is a well executed but simple idea. They likely don't have adequate creative vision or managerial ability necessary to elevate the game to near AAA standard. TW needs clear creative direction and solid Quality Control. I hope they are able to fully complete the game at a higher standard.
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My luck, the best games in my live had ****ty/below average graphs. Thank god there are a lot of visual orgasms out there which bannerlord never meant to be.
Meh graphics arent cutting edge but I never expected them to be. They are passable for me and I always think gameplay should come before graphics but that is purely an opinion.
The brain is wired to cut details out anyway. So what’s left after a first moment of awe.
Aside from the buggy lighting I think the graphics engine looks great. The textures themselves look fine to me too. Things look visually stunning, battles are great. What I assume he is talking about are the details - the way models don't align and where they meet you can very clearly see seams. Lot of stuff floating around. Lots of pieces walls that don't fit quite right of angled sections needed. Overhangs that dont have right curve or dimension so they are floating over side of building or positioned oddly. There need to be a larger variety of models. Imagine working with a lego kit to build whats on the box only you dont have the right pieces. Instead you have to use 2 or 3 to make up for one big piece. Yea you can try to make it work but there's going to be bits of lego sticking out all over the place gaps etc. YOu have to compromise on quality. There's nothing wrong with the pieces you just don't have the ones you need to fit. Even if youd make it work, with more pieces the right pieces you could make it better. They don't have enough environment models, they need more legos.

So the result are sloppily connected pieces, same models used when something different is really required for a clean look, the are models that are invisible from one side, floating clipping through other building gaps and pieces used to fill those gaps that really shouldn't be. Some of this is visual, some negatively effect ai pathing and usability too. Many people would say, "Hey i dont care about that it, doesn't bother me." But that is the same difference between someone who repairs their car with a bucket of Bondo and a can of spray paint and a professional autobody person. And if that looks good to you, great. But being able to notice and care and the ability to do a quality job is the difference between an amateur and a professional. And trained or untrained when you see the difference or play the difference, you know, because one result is clean and one is sloppy. It is apparent.

I'll give you some examples:

tower doors:

2 wall meshes inside ea other and the nub sticking out in floor:
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Given the financial succes of Bannerlord they should be able to hire several people to polish up these things, add immersion etc.
Also I understand they used a lot of interns etc. But couldn't they then atleast put these to do quest, add custom NPC routines in cities and so forth manual work that just takes time.
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