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how i'll put this.. well, in a few factions dunno all of 'em by name, but at least english spangen helmets has a price-problem. black spangen helmet costs 210 but the normal grey spangen helmets costs same price than the spangen helmet with coif and that price is 280. goidil has same problem. it would be awesome if u fix that stuff. and to get myself clear i meant that grey and black normal spangen helmets should cost the same price because both of 'em covers the same number.


ps. sorry for my english skills, hope u understand that whole text i made
I'm fairly certain this is on my end of things, I recently reinstalled Vikingr (after about a year) using the current full version download, I have steam synced it properly as with the guides description, but I'm having problems joining the servers. They don't show up on compatible when I flip to just the normal server list and try to join I'm given a message indicating that the server is running version (9.999) Warband as opposed to my 1.143.

I've reinstalled it, tried not steam syncing and using different versions of warband. Nothing so far has worked. Is this a common problem? or did I mess up somewhere?
Usually that error message is given if you start the game with something else than the shortcut that it creates. The main thing is that you use the WSELoader.exe, which the shortcut generated by the installer is indirectly executing. If you still have the shortcut you best try using it directly, or otherwise run the WSELoader.exe in the Vikingr main folder.
Also just to be sure: Its not necessary to use steam to run the game as it should be, the guides to it are only to access some steam function like the chat and thus in game, which is not possible if you run it directly.

PS: It might be better if I move this to the Bugs & Problems sticky so that people looking up the same issue might see it as a solution.
Issue is fixed, thanks for that Moeckerkalfie. I opened it up by the normal warband loader first time. Hense the glitch. :grin:
Good to see that it works then! I best move this here over to the Bugs & Problems thread now though.
Yes there have been a few reports about that recently, strangely it does not affect everyone and for example my own connection is not worse than usual, but we will have to look into a solution for it soon.
Bug: Has anyone else noticed if you attack and hold block without a shield or blockable weapon your hand shakes violently and you attack in slow motion? Interesting.

I meet a problem with Vikingr.

When I want to play to the Singleplayer game, my game crash for screen loading and this message appear:

But when I play in multiplayer with Vikingr, I  meet any problems.

Vikingr is installed in programes files folder.

Thanks you and scuse me for my bad English
I've been encountering a problem lately, playing as Rus. I pick a short sword for 660, some free stuff, and a helmet for 170, kill some people and survive the round, then notice that I have 870 denars to spend. So I select padded cloth for 500 and a shield for 270. But the next round I spawn with a seax instead of my original sword. I've tried this several times as I usually pick the same load-out. I'm wondering if I am doing something wrong or if this is actually a bug. If it is the latter, I'm thinking it's something wrong with one of those items, so I'll try to test some other stuff next time I play.

E: just tested again. Had 590 denars, tried to swap my tunic for padded cloth and ended up with 630 denars and a seax instead of the short sword.
I think this issue is reflected to some degree by the fact that with several items or less that you cannot afford, more often than not yields you with the ****-tier piece of equipment that's the cheapest (or free) in each category. You may for instance be able to afford a medium shield, having chosen a large one, but the system doesn't necessarily understand this, and instead gives you the standard 0 silver one. Especially annoying for us using clan-shields, when in the instance of Northmenn, would not be given the small clan-shield, but instead the green one.

Edit: ... But that is also true for each and every person that prefers something less... Green.
(A belated thank you for replacing that old snot-green default one, in passing)
I tend to find it more annoying as Nordmenn, when I swear I can afford a Byrnie but it seems my calculations were about 10 silver out and thus it relegates my armour choice to the Nobleman's shirt over the free padded cloth.
Maybe you guys are right, but that's not what my bug report was about. The problem is I have enough money, and it still replaces my short sword with the seax.
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