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In Progress Scene Editor Bug with painting layers + 1.5.3 pefomance

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Bug example image
Painting parameters image
Red - zone with bug, also I have 3 layers (from lowest to highest) 1)Sand 2)Stone 3)Rock
a)Rock and Stone paint on Sand normally with blending
b)Rock normal, Sand paints very hard without blending(bug), looks like it uses maximum hardness/weight parameters
c)Sand and Stone both paint hard on Rock (bug)
d)Out of bug zone there is no problem, Sand paints normally on Stone.
Summary: upper layers paint normal on lower ones, but lower levels paint on upper layers with maximum hardness, without blending. This happens only in some bugged zones, not in all scene.
Also in 1.5.3 version, editor became slow. For example: before update I opened editor instantly from game menu, now it takes 10 seconds to load. Before the update, the terrain was generated in seconds, but now the program freezes for 20-30 seconds when I generate terrain.
My specs:
i7-8700, rtx2060, 16 gb ram, ssd samsung.

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Forwarded to the developers for further investigation. We will reach out again if we need more information. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
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