Bug with allied lord and an helping hand with outcoming it.

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I come across of weird bug after convincing former enemy lord. This lord wanted to attack me while i was plundering his village i ussed an option to persuade that lord to joing my kingom. Outcome of this conversation was succesful and then he joined my kingom. after i used option to leave he kept coming onto me as if he wanted to fight me. It happend twice then i wanted to move then he again, without me moving at all, he "attacked" me but he was my ally so he couldn't so he repeated that acction again in same patern by aproaching me twice then letting me move and again i couldn't becouse he aproached me. I tried to 'wait some time in the village' but same patern as befor. Finally i got out by going into centre of the village and then leaving it. Hope i helped somehow :wink:
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