Mesh Editor BUG: uncontrollable material order of the imported FBX

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Since 1.0.3, the material order of an imported FBX that consists of multiple meshes is wrong, making imported face meshes not work as expected. Developers on Discord prove that it was OK in previous versions.

How to reproduce:
1. Make face models in Blender with the following hierarchy:
  • Skeleton
    • head [head_mat]
    • head.1 [eye_mat]
    • head.2 [mouth_mat]
    • head.lod1 [head_mat.lod]
    • (... other LODs)
2. Export the skeleton, meshes, and materials as FBX
3. In the modding kit, import the FBX

You'll notice that for the head mesh, the materials in the editor are in this order:
  • eye_mat
  • head_mat
  • mouth_mat
But the expected order is:
  • head_mat
  • eye_mat
  • mouth_mat

This is problematic for face meta meshes because the engine needs the skin material to be the first in the list to attach and morph the hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, and beard. Setting material tags won't fix the problem. For more details, please refer to my other post here.

I have no idea under what rules the editor sorts the materials. Alphabetically, I assume?

Please consider allowing developers to sort materials manually.
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