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[BUG] Siege Framerate Plummets When Ram Reaches Gates

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Haven't seen this brought up, apologies if this has been reported or if this is the wrong place for this.

I have found that the game runs quite smoothly in almost every situation for me, including enormous field battles with 1000 soldiers taking part. When besieging cities and castles, everything runs butter smooth and I've had a lot of fun headshotting n00bs through arrow slits when they thought they were safe as the massive army rolls siege towers and the ram up to the walls. However, the framerate plummets the moment the battering ram reaches the gate. I've seen this happen in every one of the 5 sieges I've played so far. It seems like once the ram breaks the outer gate it recovers somewhat, but never quite gets back up to smooth.

In every other respect, Koei Tecmo needs to talk to you guys; in at least 8 generations of Dynasty Warriors games they have not managed to make battles feel as real, full and populated as you have. Every decision I make in a big army vs. army battle feels important and it's clear the enemy doesn't just hit "charge". Sieges are unbelievably immersive with arrows and spears flying off the walls, infantry shield walling behind the ram and dudes running the trebuches, guys falling off the ladders, the dense pack of dudes trying to stab each other through the broken inner gate, its all really amazing.

As a newcomer to the series, I'm impressed already and looking forward to seeing how the game progresses during Early Access.


Upon discussion with another forumgoer, it may be when the ladders get set up as the two things happened around the same time in the sieges I've been in... SOMETHING is causing a massive framerate dive during sieges.


If you haven't seen it then you obviously haven't looked, but yes, it's a known problem. Probably linked to AI pathfinding going crazy when a new 'route' opens up and the gate gets bashed. They really need to fix siege pathfinding as it's horrid at the moment.


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I made a full siege without building anything and still get this bug with ladders. I'm 80% sure ladders get this bugged and with what someone said about pathfiding for IA I climbed the ladders alone and didn't find anything weird but when units started climbing I got from 60 fps to 7
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