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Started a new game and stumped in one more bug: last hired companion always appears in tabern and chasing me.  Being talked to, he says something as if he just beat me in a fight (same monolog for every NPC).
That's a not a bug, that's a feature. :grin:


Unfortunately they don't have the appropriate dialogue, but what they do is guard you, and can be fairly useful.

The companion placed above all others in the troop list will be the one following you, unless he is injured(in which case the second closest to the top uninjured companion takes over)


Ок, bodygiars can be annoying, but cest la vie...

What about arrows and shoes? I WHANT MY SHOES!!!

PS: and gauntlets are also gone from shops :sad:
Arrows are not appearing in shop because you are playing a different version.(This was made and even updated for 1.134)

Boots...hm, I had never noticed they were not available for sale. Same goes for them I guess.

You are just going to have to obtain both after looting dead enemies :grin:
The game is, but you will not be able to find arrows, bolts, gloves and I guess boots in shops after the first few ingame days pass. Not a huge deal, as you will find plenty of gloves and boots after several battles.

Arrows are slightly harder to run into, but they're there. Bolts are damn near impossible to find as loot drops, but several companions that you can recruit carry them, so you can take it from them.

That is the only version related bug that I know off. It should work on any version higher than 1.134, and it will work best on 1.134 (You won't have the arrows and gloves bug.)


This is not a report, just a suggestion

I was wondering if you could make a sequel in 1490, of course the map would have to be expanded to include the west indies, and I think it would be really fun from a mount and blade perspective.



This mod crashes a lot. In battle, after battle and such. I have read and tried most of everything mentioned here. I do however run the latest Warband patch 1.158, could that possibly be the problem? Where could I in that case find an older version of Warband compatible with KtLB?
1- some text are the same of the basic game, reminding at Swadia, Rhodoks, and so on. For going France i have taken a ship that stumbled me in....Rhodok capitol :grin:;
2-Followers NPC are the usual of the basic game only with a new face and weapons, and they have the same tells of the original;
3- pretenders are hidden as various people but they have the same tells of the basic game. In Reims court i have stumbled on a Valois dressed as a high-rank clergyman that was formerly Arwa the Pearled One;
4-need a Renaissance music instead the usual one;
5-some troops are the same from the basic game, e.g. the Peasant women, never changed or dressed accordingly to the era

Most of that is fixed with a companion submod that you can find in the subforum if you browse a bit. I think it fixes the pretender dialogue too.

There is likewise a brilliant music pack also in the subforum, and is in my opinion a must.

Well, YourStepDad,
I was unaware that was a patch for this mod. I will seek and hope this changes the bad mistakes.

About the music, i had found a thread about a music mod for this game, but at the signed link seem the music mod is gone from there.

YourStepDad, let i say sincerely that really i'm so displeased of these game mistakes, because i have a great feeling about "Knights of the last battle" mod, and i will tell why.

Probably you don't know, but i have read in my youth a book from an italian writer, Mino Milani, titled "Efrem, soldier of fortune".
This book told of a young peasant that stumble in John Hawkwood's "White Company" and slowly become a mercenary in one of the "lances" of this company.
The beautiful trees and terrain that i see whern i fight, remeber me this book. Also, they remember old italian movie about Stevenson's "Black Arrow" and some other things. I love this game, is made very well, and i'm really happy to fight in Europe in the XV century.

Please, mantain this mod at the best, do for me and for the romanticism that i have when i see these scenes.


I understand the allure. Glad you shared this with me. :smile:

I am not the mod author, so I cannot really be the one to maintain it, I'm just an enthusiastic fan. :smile:

As for the music files, If you wish, I'll try and upload it to dropbox, so that you can download it.
Do please, YourStepDad,

the music in this marvelous game it's a must.

I am surprised that Jeanne Darc is missing. Maybe historically she came later?

Notice 1:
Work for you, YourStepDad, i have found another mistake: all halberds and other long weapons are listed as "two handed" while horse lances are all listed as "polearms"

Notice 2:
my AAR (in italian) are started, and continue pace after pace. It's all written in old Renaissance italian, more or less like Vasari "Chronicles".

Here's in Italy we are desperate and starving, we haven't a real governent nor a state, we have ruled from thieves and brigands, but we have again some good ideas, he he...
She died some 30 - 40 years before the year the mod starts in. This is not the hundred years war anymore. This conflicts takes place several years after it ends. :smile:

If you're interested in Jeanne Darc/HYW setting, do check out this amazing mod.


Currently released in French only, but an English version is coming soon...apparently. You may be surprised at the amount of quality content in it. :smile:

There's also this mod, that's currently released in English, pretty badass too;


As for the music, I'm currently downloading something so uploading is a no-go. In a few hours though I'll upload the music files to dropbox. :wink:

don't worry YourStepDad. Take your time, at my green age (50) I have a lot of patience and i know the value of waiting.

Please, meanwhile you can give the link for the patch? Hope this will fix the major mistakes, see these beautiful Npc's and discover the old ones under them it's a thorn in the flank....give suffering a lot.
Well, the dialogue mod is here http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,186982.0.html , but I'm afraid that file is also gone.

I'll see what I can do about that, but the problem is that I don't know what files I should be uploading.

As for the music mod, I already uploaded it but couldn't for the life of me figure out how to publicly share it on dropbox. Right now I'm uploading it again on MediaFire.
Great, YourStepDad, you give me a very great help, i will thank thee a million of times for this.

I'm downloading the music file. For the Dialoge, here's the result (copied as was written)

Invalid or Deleted File.

The key you provided for file download was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on MediaFire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or MediaFire.

Still have questions, or think we've made a mistake? Please contact support for further assistance.

Now, talking of another matter, I have seen that you like also Twilight of the Sun King.
I have seen the thread, seem interesting, and I liked this age, but I have seen also that the TOSK crew has gone, the mod seem not more supported. What you can say about?

A special note for you: if you don't understand something, please tell me frankly: my English is terrible at times, more or less like the English used in John Wayne's movies from indians...you see clerarly that i'm from abroad, also a blind will discover me in a couple of minutes...
If you don't understand soething, only tell me and i try to re-write in another way.
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