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the guy in the picture be : "what is wrong with ze skyboks?"

also, its very sad that there is sumatra island but there is no sumatran kingdom in it
Its my favorite mod so far. Two things I would like to see improved.
1. I can see often messages about lords being banished and joined another faction. But they never join my faction though I personally have 6 settlements and many of my ex henchmen has 4. What is going on, I do not know. Also I never could find an option to convince  a lord to join my faction, both in normal conversation or talking to prisoner, with relationships from 25 to 94.
2. When defeated at see sometimes I can find myself on the island with no way of going back. Can be some option added to camp menu to pay for ferry or smth like that?
Here some suggestions.
1. Two village quest in Wedding Dance were awesome: to escort village caravan and village raft. I wonder why nobody copy them ever. There was a nice quest to save stolen horses too. Actually there was lots of ideas there.
2. Prophesy of Pendor gives various village quests, why not to take some ideas from them?
3.Personally I like those faces from Light and Darkness, when they appear in the middle of the battle on the screen, saying smth.
4. Would be nice to add more various loot.
5. Can you add Traditional dance, smth like this:

I think i have seen tweleck dancers in SWC
6, Maybe it would be nice when you become a king to have an option to build some beautiful temple in chosen location.
There seems to be a bug when acting as a Lord of the Ming in regards to recruiting from faction controlled villages.  Basically when you recruit troops from the village you recruit level 26 Ming Footman for 10 gold each.  While on one hand it is kind of nice to be able to recruit near elite troops 10-20 at a time from any village for only 10 gold, they only upgrade to Ming Guard or Ming Cavalry which means you cannot recruit any of the Ming Ranged troops.

Couple issues I see:

First, recruiting level 26 heavily armored and armed infantry that easily upgrade into Elites is a bit unbalanced in and of itself.  Also I would have more fun recruiting Ming Peasants and training them up into the force I want.

Second, while a player can supplement his forces with ranged troops recruited from another faction this kind of sucks from a roleplay perspective (I like to use at least 80% of my troops from the faction I have sworn too since that is more realistic).

Third, I am going to assume Ming Lords when replenishing their troops will go to these same villages and towns to recruit and unless there is some behind the scenes mechanic that awards them different troops than the player, Ming is going to find itself critically short on ranged troops at some point.
Seems like I am the only one on this board but here is another bug report:

Again as a Lord of the Great Ming Army I have run across a few issues:

I guess at some point all factions will declare war on the Ming Invasion, however as a Ming Lord, this event triggered several near game breaking issues.

1. All the faction relation I had worked to gain with the Great Ming Army got set to zero.  I think my lord relations with Ming lords went back to zero as well.
2. My City patrols quit recognizing me as lord of the city though they would not attack me.
3. Several factions (maybe all of them) quit recognizing me as a hostile force.  They would attack my Cities patrols, village farmers and caravans but would completely ignore my army.  If I tried to attach them it was like attacking a neutral lord with the resulting faction and honor loss one would expect if attacking non-hostile factions.  Basically I had to wait for them to attack farmers or something then assist before I could defend my lands.

Luckily most of these issues seem to be slowing disappearing.  For example once my initial patrol got wiped out, all the subsequent patrols I create work fine. Additionally as soon as a faction ends up making peace or otherwise changes their status to the Great Ming Army, they are slowly reverting back to normal and any faction we go to war with again seems to be recognizing me as hostile.  Currently I think only one faction is still broken in this regard and I have hopes they will make peace soon.

The only remaining issue is the fact I had to start from scratch developing relations with the Great Ming Army and its lords which is somewhat of a chore and equals lots of lost time that I had previously spent working to gain political influence with the Great Ming Army.  Lets just say that trying to get them to award me a second fief has been a bit challenging.
When in town battles and sieges I have no sound. (Mostly) I hear projectiles but that is it. Any ideas? I have the latest version with the hotfix.
i got trapped in some stairs while storming the fortress of longvek, left of the siege ladder when you come out the other side of the first watchtower
RodriguesSting said:
When are you going to upload this mod somwhere other than Steam Workshop? I would really like to try it out.

its on moddb dude. and its an awesome mod, best ive played! http://www.moddb.com/mods/suvarnabhumi-mahayuth-11/downloads
nice mob best grapicks looks, but... canot became a king.. if try my team is nice on full editable equips but nigga looks and no one join on my cause.. olny companios join if I give fief.. and a lot of game stops on AI tribe sets war every time
and need to castle able to search and recruits player tribe too

sory my english
I really wish this mod had an option to turn off companion complaints. There is nothing more annoying than leveling up someone, giving him gear and customizing your party skills only for them to abandon you because they don't like each other.
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