[Bug maybe ?] Caladog should be in Marunath but he is not

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I want to become a battanian vassal and I need to speak with Caladog. I already met him before. Encyclopedia say last seen today in Marunath and battanian nobles also reply I should speak with Caladog who is located in Marunath to become a vassal.

I looked for him in town, tavern, the keep and prison. I can't find him.

Fortunately, I have done modding before, so I have inspected game memory and trying to fix myself. Caladog is in "Released" state but he is no longer part of a Party.

When I create a LordParty from him and change his state to Active, it works.

Idealy if it is a bug, I can provide a fix for everyone until official patch.

But I need to know: it is a feature or a bug ? Maybe some NPC have a cooldown until you can't meet them after being released ? I found it could be a cooldown on HOLDING state however it apply to a party, not to an Hero behavior. However I waited about 15 IG day and still no Caladog available.

I spent more than 50 hours IRL in my save and I when I want to check if I got some other NPC stuck, I look for hero with released state and not member of a party. I got 12 but after delay the list change. So it seems there are not really stuck and if it is a bug, my method to get all heroes that need to patched is wrong.

See redit issue here : https://www.reddit.com/r/MB2Bannerl...aybe_caladog_should_be_in_marunath_but_he_is/
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This happened to me with Rhagaea. I wanted to join as a vassalt but the lords told me she was in Onira. I searched everywhere and never found her. I then decided to look at the battle log. She was captured by a enemy aserai lord and put in the dungeon at Qassir. I was able to brake her out. It seems that sometimes npcs and encyclopedia don't update correctly with events such as that.
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