Bug: Main quest of bannerlord to defeat the 3 enemies instantly fail because of "time out" even tho I just got the quest.

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so I'm playing as the recently elected leader of the southern empire and I recently got to become the emperor of the southern empire after raghea had a timely death and I got in with overwhelming suport.after that I rode to the northern empire since we where at war and such and I decided to finally choose the create my own Imperial faction option on the conversation with istiana. after that It is said I sucessfully complete the quest and after I get out of the city sturgia, vladia and the aserai declare war on me instantly... (wich sucks because I'm already on a crappy war with the kuzhait.) however as soon as they declare war and the quest shows up the quest instantly fails because it was "timed out" even tho I just got it !

so any of you guys know how I can fix this or at the very least foward to the devs ? it really sucks to have to redo all of your progress just after I get a leadership position. picture showing the problem

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