[BUG] Got captured by dead enemies


Sergeant Knight
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Version .634 with patches .632.1 and .632.3.

I attacked or got attacked by 5 mountain bandits with my 3 heroes. At the end of this massive battle there was only me and 1 of my heroes left, and there was a single enemy archer left. I got shot in the face and got knocked unconscious. When I was lying down and chillin' with the arrow in my face, just before the "your companions carry you away from battle" -message, I managed to see how my last hero headshotted the bastard and how he fell to ground. After that there was the usual "Retreat" -message, in which no further casualties were displayed. The game still decided that I lost, making me a prisoner.  When I was a prisoner of theirs,  I didn't see their party on the world map, and they stood still the whole time. When I got away, I was still at the same place where the battle was fought. The enemy was nowhere to be found.

Maybe there needs to be a better check if either of the sides has 0 troops at the end of the combat?


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Yeah -- we should probably fine-tune the end reckoning. That particular result should probably not happen.