In Progress Bug/Exploit for faster run speed as archer with arrow notched

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When you notch your arrow, you have a reduced movement speed, significantly. If you want to move and relocate you release the arrow and run off, BUT you would always have to re-draw your arrow.

Not if you follow the below.

If you notch your arrow as an archer, then just keep hitting the "block" key (to lower the bows pull string) you can run around with normal run speed AND have an arrow notched and ready to go, simply stop spamming the block key when you stop and let your arrow re-focus and off you go.

Notch arrow > Spam the "block" key to move around with normal run speed > stop spamming block key to refocus and shoot the arrow

It's a pretty significant movement exploit for archers. I doubt this is intentional? who knows, I have been meaning to write it here for some time now.

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