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Resolved BUG: Defending siege engines can destroy attacking ones while they are in reserve.

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Putting a build siege engine into reserve is supposed to protect it from the onagers and ballistas on the defenders' walls. However, in 1.4.0 Beta, putting a completed siege engine in reserve doesn't protect it, as the enemy defenses still fire at the empty spot, and the engine is still damaged or even destroyed, even though it is in reserve.

Steps to reproduce:
- Start a siege
- Build siege engine
- Pause as soon as it is completed and put it in reserve
- Enemy defenses still fire one volley at the empty spot
- Reserved siege engine is still damaged/destroyed, despite being in reserve.

Main impact of this is that it is impossible to build any siege engine that cannot sustain more than one hit from all defenses -- if one volley kills it, even if you put it in reserve it will be destroyed. Thus, it's not possible to build any ballistas. Need to test with onagers. Trebuchets survive one hit and thus stay in reserve.

Windows 10, tested with and without mods, 1.4.0 Beta.
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Are you saying they continue to attack the spot after it is in reserve (more than one volley?) I am used to the initial volley which - from a fully built array of defense weapons - will destroy a ballista in one volley (4 hits at once.) But once I put it in reserve they stop attacking that spot the last time I played. The solution to this was to either have high engineering so your ballista is built before theirs is finished or build things like 3x trebuchets first, then deploy them as a distraction while the ballista is built.

As far as realism and gameplay? I imagine it right now playing out IRL as you build it and they see you building it so they attack it like any logical defender would. Even if you built it somewhere else and wheeled it in - they're gonna have a crack at it before you can get it set up if they already have theirs built. Now, why they don't attack siege towers and rams on the world map I can't imagine as they would also attack them as they are being wheeled into position to start the attack.
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