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Currently Watchman and their higher rank counterparts are just worse than their counterparts and absurdly expensive so there's no real reason to use them unless you've stacked perks that make them pay you or you're in utterly desperate need of troops, AND have money to burn AND find a large group to hire (so almost never).

I propose the following:
Mercenary Crossbowman/Hired Crossbow: Remove their shield and give extra bolts. This makes them unique compared to Empire and Vlandia options who only have one quiver.
Cavalry: Give them sword, shield, couchable lance and javelins while keeping their not needing warhorses. They're not particularly good at anything, but can couch, skirmish, and harass with ranged attacks, and are cheap to promote.
Swordsman: Give them a short bow and arrows for their second slot. This would be a unique combo that gives them the highest range of infantry. There's already archers that do better in melee in exchange for not being as good at ranged, so why not the inverse? Also fits their wanderer style (short bow with holster, sword, and small shield can easily be carried on your person) and how they were switch hitters in Warband.
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