Buff pikes and phalanx formations

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For realism purposes i think that pikes should be buffed. also being able to do phalanx formations if you have a sufficient amount of spearmen and men with shields. Maybe add it as a perk a skilled tactician could unlock later in the game


is there even a way to do a phalanx in the current state because i have been trying to figure this out. it would be so useful. i think each individual unit (spearman/frontline/crossbowmen/bow archers etc) should get 1 specialized formation/tactic like for example, the crossbowmen carry a large shield on their backs. that is so they can prop them up in front of them while they reload their crossbows but in bannerlord they dont do that of course. would be nice to have a specialized tactic like this for each class so it seems like they actually make a difference in combat and you need to think about whether you want spearman or swordsman. archers or crossbow. cav or mounted archers.
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