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Bucket or Shiny knight? after 120 hours in 1.6.0

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5600 hours in warband, 4000 h. vanilla (yes I liked it)
500 hours Bannerlord 1.2.xx, 100 h. vanilla
120 hours Bannerlord 1.6.0 ,5 h. vanilla

As a regular reader of this forum, I can't help it to make a post myself about my feelings towards the game and in hindsight TaleWorlds.

I'm afraid it will be rather long.

I prefer to play a game with or as a bucket when the gameplay is good, fun and uphold the premises for suspension of disbelief;
rather than a shiny knight who is obnoxious, painfully mediocre and has no fun gameplay.

Yes, I've read the patch notes of every single update, so it's my own fault to be again disapointed by the state Bannerlord is in.
And yes, I am aware that Bannerlord isn't Warband 2. (their biggest mistake in my opinion)

I will give a few examples of the choises T&W has made and will not change overnight, otherwise it would be already adressed in their regular dev blogs. :wink:

The perk system is just a clickfest, yes, you have some meaningfull upgrades if you combine them togheter. But there are so many that I can hardly keep track of what I'm doing. Maybe a progression page in the beloved encyclopedia could make it better.

The fast pace of the game it's almost (not really) like I'm playing a FPS that last for ever. So much stuff to do (to click on) all for the love of progress. Opposite the system of dead and birth and a slow level progression. This is a combination that i can't understand.

Except for the main story all quests are: go X bring Z and you get :poop:. For the main quest its x² and you get a brother.

Companions don't get me started. I just hate every aspect of it. The names, their skills or the stories they carry. I couldn't care less.
And finally when I let them out of my party for whatever purpose I had in mind after a year of peace and with high skillsets all they put togheter is a pile of T1
and T2 troops with four, yes 4 T3 ones.

The wall of gibberish in my left eye obscures the things I need to know.

Ofcourse there are also things I like and are improved on over time.
But I hardly can grasp the potential of the game and to me it seems with every choice they have T&W goes for the middleground.

When I think about the dev blog over the Gauntlet and other systems they developed, all looked so promising and well thought out.
Something has changed over the years. Yes, I have read some posts about the speculations and facts.
In my frustration it is just a relief to put it myself on screen.

True , I can play other games and I don't have to make a fuss about 38 euros spent for 500+ hours of frustration. But I do because I stll hope
T&W has the nerve and sense to transcend their moderate decisions.

I understand that I am not 'the developer' and not everything has to go my way. I even can play a game that has some stuff I don't like (most of them do)

That brings me to the mods, but that's another chapter better written by someone else.
We all know there are missing components that are in WB , we just have to wait for official release and mods on OR. WB wasn't built in a day. 1.6 is a step in the right direction.

Chill commander.. :grin:


We all know there are missing components that are in WB , we just have to wait for official release and mods on OR. WB wasn't built in a day. 1.6 is a step in the right direction.

Chill commander.. :grin:
Bannerlord should had been something quite different than it is. I really hate the part where you need to rely on mods to make something of it. The game has potential but pretty much as Warband will be pretty lame on its own. It should be a sandbox not a combat or rising lord simulator light, because diplomacy and subterfuge is weak or missing.
Just imagine playing it without any mods and you don't want to make a kingdom. Or you have all the lords and map under your control and wars are a thing of the past. Then what? You don't have systems to play with to call it a sandbox.

I for the very least would expected this game to start bare bones at least at the level of Viking Conquest. I mean, at how much the game was in development before early access that should had been the starting baseline on which they would continue building. By this current trend the game would probably need at least another 5-10 years of development to be presentable enough to call it full launch, so the presumption of it leaving early access this year like i seen somewhere is laughable.


we just have to wait for official release and mods on OR. WB wasn't built in a day. 1.6 is a step in the right direction.

Chill commander.. :grin:
Warband was a 2 year project building upon the original Mount and Blade, which itself was a 3 year project when counting from the founding of the studio.

Bannerlord is in it's 11th year of development as the sole project of a successful 100+ employee game studio.

TW Press Release where they mention when they started.
Dev Blog with someone hired specifically to work on Bannerlord in 2010.

People waiting for this game have graduated high-school, gone to university, married, graduated university, found jobs, had children and gotten divorced inside it's development span. Others have even died waiting, one of which has notably been immortalized as an NPC in the game.

What they did not know was they were playing the greatest game of all time, the entire time, the Waiting game. It is a gift, because Gondor has no game, needs no game.
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