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The temporary solution would be to plan what players would like for competitive scene I guess. I found that rat parties is a good way to see how good factions actually are in a balanced match up and the experience will help us nerf or buff some units for the comp mod
Honestly yea, ive only played a few BL RaT parties but i feel like were learning alot from the games that are happening. I cant wait for a comp mod or even a cRPG esque mod
Implementing private or bookable servers is an easy win for 50+ team tournaments on both sides of the Atlantic, and I'm sure Asia/Oceania would do well also. One thing that was patently clear from looking at other melee games like Mordhau is how far ahead MnB is in terms of having an enthusiastic scene with well run, popular tournaments. A real shame this simple functionality is not there, which surely must take just a little bit of effort and basic admin tool functionality. Modders had this up and running within moments in beta allowing people to host servers on their own PC for testing, I'm sure it's not difficult, simply that the will isn't there.
If we had customs servers I would be completely down for a tournament. Bottom line is without a way to flip sides any tournament will be unbalanced at its core.

I think this statement sums up a lot of the dissenting opinions in this thread. Calling out those opinions as "trollish" or "flaming" or "Scared excuses" serves no purpose other than to rile people up on both sides. It is clear that Les is planning on hosting this despite the constructive criticism many of us have offered. While I don't agree with it, at the end of the day, he can do it if he wants. Questions regarding fairness are legitimate concerns, and it should be a team's prerogative to refuse entry without any tarnish on their reputations if they are concerned about the fairness.

To preempt the inevitable "the old school warband vets are scared of competition/scared of losing", every one of the 'old school warband vets' who has posted in this thread has spent thousands of hours in competitive play in warband. They are competitive by nature, and want to play the game. Many of them have been playing the game, despite its flaws. It should be indicative that the issue at hand is from concerns over the specific format of the tournament, rather than concerns over skill level.
Iit should be a team's prerogative to refuse entry without any tarnish on their reputations if they are concerned about the fairness.

exactly...and no where was it stated that any clan or team was required to join and their reputation would be tarnished if they did not.

It wasn’t slated to be the first “official Bannerlord tournament” or anything of the sort.

Les is hosting a tournament, if you’re interested- here’s the sign up. If not, no big deal. Zero reason to stir up controversy and an 8 page long discussion about possibly ruining the foundation of comp in Bannerlord.

NBA officials don’t regulate how a street basketball tournament is ran.
think the NA guys need to stop responding to the obvious bait posts. LES has no control over the fundamental issues here, which are the lack of private servers, the inability to choose factions or maps, the poor faction balance, the barely functional combat system etc. no matter how much you point these issues out, he can't do anything about them and these mindless bots from NW are going to keep defending him as long as you keep posting for them. a tournament at this time doesn't rly make sense, you'd think private servers are the BARE MINIMUM you need for one to work, but that doesn't mean VK can't give it a try and have a tournament if they want one. if you aren't interested just don't play.

Have you guys ever been to a sponsored tournament before? Like outside the confines of your clic in M&B?

Pre-pandemic, cash tourney's have been held all around the world in LAN parties and over the web:

  1. The rules of said tourney's are decided by the tournament host/sponsor
  2. The location and time of said tourney's are decided by the host/sponsor
  3. The officiates are decided by the host/sponsor

While the topic has been decent, there is no denying that 90% of these posts are simply in objection to a tournament because once again it's not in the format of their choosing, and because their inside clic is not the host and can't be manipulated.

"RNG" tournaments exist. People play them for competition and prizes all around you. If you don't like them, abstain. Don't come here pissing in other peoples cheerios simply because it does not appeal to you.

Imagine telling Blizzard when, where, and how to host the Overwatch League, or CS:GO players which ladder they have to play on to be considered "legit".

The last thing I saw was "This should not be the first Bannerlord tournament in our eyes".

Are you really that scared to play RNG? The Gods of M&B in fear of a little randomness? IDK Baratheon and company had no problem boasting they won as Aserai vs a girl who has maybe 20 hours of gametime, but the moment you lose as Aserai it's because it wasn't fair?

Grow. Up.

ye i have been for a warband tournament and RNG was minimised as much as possible with teams able to do map picks/bans at LAN. pretending RNG isn't a genuine concern makes no sense, because obviously it affects the tournament and may have an impact on who wins. there's also nothing LES or VK can do about that, it's out of their control, so no matter how much people complain about it the RNG elements CANNOT change without TW intervening. it's a valid concern, and a fair reason not to participate, but not participating should be the end of the conversation for those players. if you're concerned about it just wait until private servers are added and tournaments can be hosted properly.
-No custom servers.
-No quality spectator system
-Nobody wants to watch a discord stream (means everyone needs to be in the same channel)
-Game is far from balanced.

Good luck. I thought about hosting a 1v1 but even that would be a nightmare currently.
IDK why people are trashing this. Sure, there's issues, but there's not much you can do in the way of fixing factions and what not. Who cares? No one is going to put any serious weight on any tournament ran right now due to these issues, so why can't people just have fun with it? No one should expect any glory for winning tournaments where a lot of these parameters are out of our control, so just have fun with it lol. It's not that serious
Personally, I've accepted the RNG. However, my biggest issue is scheduling. I'm just not sure if I'm able to play at those times.
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