NA Skirmish Completed [BSL] Bannerlord Skirmish League(EA)*Old Guard Wins!* (NA)

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If you're talking about OG allowing us to bring subs from VK2 that weren't posted on our original roster I asked Roberta permission as well before hand because that possibly could have affected him as well and that was also offered to your team when you guys couldn't bring 6 on Sunday. The first season of this league was a trial run thus the small prize pool next season will have more concrete rules but even next season anything two clan leaders agree upon will probably be allowed
Offered to our team? After you paid the money and declared OG the winner lol. Rules should be respected, not changed when it suits you. You lost 2 members that means you had 7 members left, yet you still recruited others. But when rN couldn't play on Sunday, suddenly random rules are enforced. Either have strict rules or bend the rules for everyone not just your own team.
Speaking as someone who has put his money where his mouth is on this particular matter before, if you want a better tournament to play in then make one yourself. It takes a fair bit of work setting it up properly and there's on-going work for the duration, plus you need some interpersonal skills to resolve the inevitable personal conflicts that pop up, but it's really not an overwhelming challenge. It's a lot easier to sit on the sidelines and sling mud, but it doesn't amount to anything if you never step up. I know some of you have run events or tournaments in the past so you know that every one is a learning experience, and this is LES' first time in a game for which the devs are doing nothing currently to support this kind of play. Could things have been better? Absolutely, and I can only hope that LES learns from it, but his is not the first tournament with flaws and it will not be the last. So, again, if you think you can do better and actually care, then go right ahead. Otherwise you're just pissing on someone for putting in more effort than you were willing to.
Amen #AllBladersMatter
The only time whalefish got yelled at was when he trolled other VK members he never got in trouble for his performance because it was almost always great. The night you and him got banned after VK2 played Reign Esports almost winning 2 rounds against Pro Warband players IN THE SEMI FINIAL and i brought us all into one channel to congratulate them on a game and season well fought you and whale started interrupting talking **** about the team "You guys played like ass" "you guys are ****" which is not what anyone wants to hear after a loss and being that you and whale have no rapport with them as friends because the two of you didnt like VK2 members or associate with them its was extremely rude.
This is how I know that you're lying... Ask forsaken or Jr or anyone else on your team and everyone will say that the only thing me and whale told VK2 was that they played better as a team but the only reason why they lost was the difference in skill... Forsaken knows about it because he asked me why did we get banned from the channel and when we told him about it he said 'no you're right we know that they were better then us individually'

and now you're saying whale only got yelled at that night which is also not true because you wanted to lose against VK2 on purpose to boost their morale
.... Forsaken understood it and wrote about it in the chat and then Whale commented also and you started making fun of him and yelling at him and I told you to stop yelling and acting like a child... and if we said something in a different channel it stayed between us and we never told anybody about it.

Also there was another time you yelled at Whale and me when you were doing you 'GREAT SHIELD DROP' on battania map which left a vlandian crossbow man without a shield on a close map and when we asked you why did you do that you started yelling for no reason.... I can give you alot more facts from alot more games.... As I said think twice before you write something and stop lying in every sentence

Stop lying Les just stop....

EDIT: I'm aware that my English isn't the best and I don't think anything with my communication was wrong. Just review the streams and you're saying ' I used to run off my self' there was alot of times alot of times when I tried to stop archers from shooting if under that you mean I used to run off sure call it whatever you want but I'm sure that doesn't mean that my communication skills are bad when I say everything during the games just review streams all you can hear me saying is 'CAV IN' or how much dmg I hit someone for so my teammates are aware
Basically it's pointless to argue with you about anything because you are going to lie in your next comment so bye bye I'll you today at 9 EST and let's see how you gonna talk trash after...
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you're right dude I love MOMMY'S MILK my clan is the only clan in the community to bring two teams to the semi finials we are very proud of our own performance in the league.
I didn't say anything about your clan my comment was specifically about YOU. I'm just done arguing with you.....
Emmm yes the classic post-tournament banter/complaints a classic mix of salt and ego just with new warriors in the arena besides Zaffa, Zero, Fietta and Roberta, thanks for hosting a tournament tho and great forum read!
Emmm yes the classic post-tournament banter/complaints a classic mix of salt and ego just with new warriors in the arena besides Zaffa, Zero, Fietta and Roberta, thanks for hosting a tournament tho and great forum read!

Huh? Maybe next time...

I believe everything has been said on this thread now and the tournament is over so I'll lock this thread (mainly due to it being requested), if you're concerned over the administration, bring it up on the next edition of BSL (which I heard is VERY soon).
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