NA Skirmish Completed [BSL] Bannerlord Skirmish League(EA)*Old Guard Wins!* (NA)

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Sponsored by:
Bush Wookie Gaming

Server: Bannerlord Skirmish Queue
Teamspeak IP:
Steam Group: BWG
Time: Tuesday Friday or Saturday @ 6pm EST or Set time between two clans
with admin approval
Head Admin: [VK] LES IS MOREx

About BWG

Bush Wookie Gaming is proud to sponsor the Bannerlord Skirmish League! We hope to provide an enjoyable experience for all clans and to bring together the NA community with this league . Each clan leader is expected to relay the rules to their clan members, which are stated below, to make sure everyone has a good time. We maintain the right not to allow the attendance of any clan, or remove any clan from the list of attending clan. The matches will take place on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday at 6pm EST, 5pm Central, and 4pm PST.
Rules & Regulations
In order to create a fair and balanced playing experience within the North American Bannerlord community, these rules and regulations have been set forth to properly and quickly organize the BSL with little to no issues.
General Rules
1.No map glitching if caught that Clan will be disqualified (Dont leave the intended map or go on top of the hut)
2.A member from each clan must stream the match on discord.

3. Players can only come from your clan no double claning and no use of a player not in your clan even if they are in a clan not playing in this tournament all teams must submit a 6 man roster with 3 substitute players to sign up.]
Once sign ins are finished a bracket will be randomly generated and matches shall start. This matches will be played best of 3 games single elimination. Both teams will be expected to queue up on a day agreed with both leaders in TS ready with their six stack to press "Find Game" from a count down from 5 at precisely the same moment and being that this takes place before peak hours its an 90%ish chance they will match and if they dont WELP leave the game and try again. Its not perfect BUT its the best we have until TaleWorlds will let us buy a server. We all want to play competitively, so lets all work together to make that happen! Clan leaders we're asking you to moderate your own clan closely. This (hopefully) will reduce the need for an admin (because we cant have one) to step in and allow for your matches to flow smoothly. If you have any concerns during a match feel free to steam message LES IS MOREx the admin during the match. The winner of the Bannerlord Skirmish League will win a prize of $120.00 US dollars. Upon victory the clan leader shall be sent the money through paypal or venmo there is enough to be split 6 ways but its up to the clan leader.

If you do not like these rules, please do not apply. By applying to this event you accept the above rules

Attending Clans/Teams

The Red Knights(VK1)
Smooth Brains (VK2)
Vlandian Basterds(VK3)
Calradic Legion
Ruby Melee Community
House Hallbjorn
[V] Legion
[V] Legion (2nd Team)
Old Guard
Legio IX
Bastards of Almerra
Kingdom of Boldania
Reign Esports
The Inactives
Lost Guards

[Clan Sign Ups
Clan Name:
Clan Tags:
Clan Leader's Steam:
Main Roster of 6:

Three Substitute Players:
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Sign up boyos!!!!! This is the best thing to happen to the community!!! Remember, the game is ONLY in Early Access, so this is the best we'll have for probably a year, get used to it!!!
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