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The more I read, research and look up about the Vikings, the more I wished I picked a different option.

Vikings have been done a lot before. They're quite a standard in dark age concepts. The Visigoths, the Franks and all else are largely unexplored, which makes them so much more intriguing.

That's the reason why Brytenwalda appeals to me so heavily. I downloaded the mod, played it and couldn't understand a thing of it. Different types of names, language, troops, ... I read a lot about the dark ages and the Brytenwalda timeframe, just to get a bearing on what was what. If there's an expansion about the vikings, that wouldn't be necessary at all.

But still, whatever this team releases is going to be played to death by me.

So do what you want, because then you'll do it best.

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Id like it if troops that are pagan only lost morale when they attacked pagans, and gained a bit when they attacked christians.

Also if you could somehow become a leader of a faction by mingleing your way to the top, that would be brilliant.

another thing, extending that thing about naming weapons on the first page, if you were able to go to a smith and ask him for a basic sword, a fine sword, or a Kingly sword, then you get to name your new weapon, and decorate it, every decoration you add gives you a small bonus to right to rule and leadership.


One of the main things I would like to see is a reworking of the economic structures and such; it's very odd to be playing a dark ages setting and be running a diverse mercantile empire spread over 12 cities or whatever. I'd like to see more ways to make money/generate wealth+income in lands you own (or at the very least in a faction you are sworn to) as well as more raiding/slaving income options and much less of the 'build a winery in every town' budding capitalist system.

And I agree, more ways to make religion a factor would be great!


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i was thinking that it would be really cool if they could implement more choices for building things in fiefs such as; trade post +10 prosperity,+2 every week,,...barracks gives +20 xp to troops garrisoned in fief..etc and..

i know its possible cus ive seen it in  other mods like Sword of damocles...,  :cool: hopefully stuff like this is already implemented in .34


Adding the free lance project would be cool. Start at the very bottom and work your way up to the top and all.


Hengwulf said:
Let me play a little devil's advocate here.

I prolly won't play this version. I like Brytenwalda as it is. The timeframe of Saxon invasion is way more interesting for a game like this (to me at least). When the Vikings came there were way less kingdoms (Northumbria, Wessex, Mercia and East-Anglia in England versus the 8? right now).

I would rather see more of this, like .34 adds a lot of stuff to .33. For example I would like to see the Orkney's, and maybe some monasteries on small Islands like the Hebrides. More custom quests.

But really, for me, after .34 I think it is as complete as my creativity goes.

Just sharing thoughts :wink:

Whilst I can appreciate your view point; and agree Viking motifs are hackneyed & overdone generally; it is still a fascinating period of history in which the Norse evolved from raiders & invaders into settlers.

Where I live, their culture influenced our history greatly.

We didn't get any Romans.  :lol:

Balla.  :cool:


It would be nice to have access to viking culture - to have their own land cities/factions but in order to get along with them you would need to  help them in a way or somethin' like that .When the game starts you should have  a minus relation with viking factions - i think if you weren't a viking they wouldn't have been the best buddies to hang out with . And also some places like monasteries/markets , which should be neutral , they should be able to be raided and the player could defend them or protect them .Also some quests related to help/fight the vikings would be nice


I would love a viking expansion.  I loved playing 867 AD Lords of War for Mount and Blade.  It was so tough and really felt realistic.  One of my favourite time periods in history.
A few things I'd like to see in this expansion:

-better and stronger music, more compelling. Mainly Viking/Celtic esque music. The Total War Franchise has a lot of example of the type of music I am speaking off, helps get you into the role when you're fighting off some Viking raider's, ya'know?

-the ability to have more than one wife, since the 'can only marry once' rule hasn't been cemented by the Catholic Church yet, and I do believe -we can still pick the ability to be pagan's or not I hope?  :mrgreen:

-diverse armor types, even if not completly historicly accurate would be nice. As armor aside from it's practical use is always a plus when aesthitcly pleasing. Different crown's would be a nice plus, too.

-the small solo' area's which were my all time favorite in Brytenwalda. Adding a few more of those would probably draw some nice feedback.

-keep all the ethnic groups, and add a few more.. Maybe like Norman and Frank?

-the beacon/warning system is an idea I liked from a previous poster.

-universal hate when/after you attack a church/nunery

-being able to raid shore villages with your boat's, sliding up on shore and jumping off and then going bat shat crazy like bezerker's should!

-being able to visit and go inside churches, stone circles and shrines to all the religions.

-remainder of roman settlements, retainer's of the Roman ways of old and the like in southern Britannia and near Hadrian's wall. maybe having the appearence of those deserter's from the movie the eagle:oops:

-MOAR BANNERS, seriously. Love the banners already added, keep those and then toss in some more.

-diverse compaion's, maybe comission the best writer's from the forum to come up with their backstories and appearences? this coincides with another feature, the creation of the character's appearence. keeping all the current faces and designs but add a few more unique beards, hairstyles and facial appearences with tribal/warrior paint.

-harder ways to prove allegiance to kingdoms.

A:inclusion of minor classes/factions, i.e. Cult/religious groups that can be joined.

B:should you choose to join a kingdom or faction, a realistic 'rise through the ranks'

-maybe some sort of a main quest?

-starting quests coincide with whatever you choose as your background, getting forced out of your home, personal revenge, ect..



Mmkay mmkay mmkay...  What about preset/default/customized children you have when you start the game, they can act as beyond faithful companions, they can get married and make more kiddies, get princes and princesses to get relationships with nobles and automatically/manually recruit them for you, retire from the throne, encourage them to do good/bad things, if you're not a tyrant/monarch you can let them be a separate party that follows (like mercenaries).... and you'll imagine the rest :mrgreen:   


oh and a diplomacy/economy improvement... let it be possible to customize your kingdoms culture and upgrade tree.. I dont mean preset cultures like "ohh im gonna pick swadian" or some b.s like that, i mean if the player chooses to make it a thorough design. for example; "Ah I'm going to customize what my peasants and villagers look like and what they wear" or.. for the upgrade tree (make it fair and expensive) "my knights are going to ride goats and im going to make them all use two handed swords, my elite crossbowmen are going to be mounted and gonna have black robes for an assassin type of look."  And if your that lazy, make it so we can have a gigantic inventory and make us supply our men with our own **** :cool: 


I would love to see a mod such as this. It wouldn't have to be hard, either. Just add another faction, and some of the things that've been suggested here. I love the Saxon Stories/Chronicles. :grin:


JorgoPimp said:
I would love to see a mod such as this. It wouldn't have to be hard, either. Just add another faction, and some of the things that've been suggested here. I love the Saxon Stories/Chronicles. :grin:
I'm sure you would....


Swearing.. Celtic tribes invented SWEARING, how come I dont see any tribesman saying bollocks or ****? seriously, make it optional for pussies cuz some people would feckon disagree ;D :cool:


:lol: you should keep the old map and just extend the tundra area, or extend the boundaries of the original map... cuz i love the celts and they dont just suddenly disappear they advance... so... yeah


raid special quests for vikings, you ask your liege for a task and he order you to raid random city and keep/give him the loot.
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