Brytenwalda installation and troubleshooting (Look here before post errors)

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Brytenwalda installation and troubleshooting,
Autor: Makute

Read before installing.

This guide is intended to help new players to properly install and configure Brytenwalda, as most of the crashes and freezes seems to be caused by a bad installation, and the reports of such crashes are scattered across many threads. Any suggestions are welcome, and the moderators are, of course, free to modify or amend it in any way. Please, read it twice before installing the mod.






4. (Notice I choose to call it Brytenwalda1.2 because I have many versions and need to tell them apart  :smile: )


Step 1.- Download the latest version.

Mod for Warband 1.153


Import, writte your install rute: "mountblade warband\Modules".
Steam users should extract it in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\mountblade warband\Modules".
If you can't find the "Modules" folder use the Search function. If you already installed Brytenwalda and want to make a clean install, delete the old folder, DO NOT OVERWRITE IT.

Step 3.- DO NOT TWEAK OR MODIFY ANY FILE. I know that the drive cattle quests are a pain in the ass, but we are trying to make the mod work, so please don't touch anything, even with aplications like TweakM&B. You can make your own customizations when we make sure that everything is working properly.

Step 4.- Search for the rgl_config.txt file, located in "C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Mount&Blade Warband" and modify the number in "render_buffer_size" to "256" if you have less than 2GB of RAM or "512" if you have more than 2GB. Do not modify anything else!

Step 5.- Make sure that Warband (and Steam if you're a Steam user) are whitelisted from the Windows firewall (or the one you actually use), and that your antivirus is not blocking them.

Step 6.- Double click on the "Warband" shortcut and change the Current Module from "Native" to "Brytenwalda". Click Configure and change the language to English in the game tab. This may not appeal some, but officially, Brytenwalda only supports english language. In the video tab, tick the Load Texture On Demand option. Now, press OK and Play M&B Warband.

Yes, we have not installed the awesome Polished Landscapes addon, not yet. It is alternative donwload that you can meet in:,135589.0.html
Use this version for Brytenwalda. We avise you, PL have problem with Warband 1.153.

Now the game is starting, you should see a loading bar at the bottom, and after that, the Play Tutorial, Start New Game, etc. options. If it is possible START A NEW GAME, DO NOT LOAD A PREVIOUS ONE.

Now you'll see a screen that reads "Wait three minutes". The game has not frozen (yet), it may take 3 real life minutes to load, just be patient. I know, I know... in three minutes you can crush dozens of bandits, but we must wait a while.

Now, you should be fighting your very first combat in Brytenwalda, so enjoy it and good luck!

-If you see old names of kingdoms or towns, you need change your language for Brytenwalda, like us said in step 6

-If you are try find Salt Mine, its name is Salinae in Brytenwalda, it is latin.

-You will see jerking screen each day or week, it isnt a bug, Brytenwalda have 31 kingdoms and generate a lot of diplomacy information, we had "hidden" it to avoid saturation of unnecessary messages to player, but messages need happen internally.

-If you wish delete DUST in your game, you need go to Warband > options> video options
Off in particle system

-Fix Textures problem:  In Warband - Configure - Video enable "Load Textures on demand".  In module.ini  in Brytenwalda folder set  scan_module_texture = 1. (Thanks to Rad by this advise)

If the game freezes or crashes at some point, then you must search the rgl_log.txt file located in the Brytenwalda folder, and post its content in this thread (to keep the thread readability post it spoilered), and a detailed drescription of what and where were you doing: Besieging a castle, talking with someone, viewing a report...

Thank you all for reading this, and please, make good use of this thread keeping it on topic and posting only crashes or freezes related problems.



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If you have crash while saving a game, sometimes during or after a bigger battle, look here:,131274.0.html

Thanks to sPOONz by this advise.

If you have crash then of first battle look here:,145644.0.html

If you have problem with supply wagon:,138298.0.html


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If you have crashed and you have ATI card or 32bit OS...,131274.0.html

If you have problem after of big battles or sieges:

if you are running as an Administrator go to Menu Start -> Run, type cmd and press ENTER
if not go to Menu Start -> Programs ...-> Accessories, press RMB on Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator
in Command Prompt type "bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVA 2990" without quotes and press ENTER


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Vista and Brytenwalda installing:,160459.0.html

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