Native OSP 2D Art BrustwarzenLenny's Stuff (101 armors&11 Shields - modder-resource for Warband)

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BL's Nordic Armors

85 retextured armors in a nordic style
Textures by BrustwarzenLenny
Model of "nordiclightarmors"/"vikinglamellars" by dejawolf


BL's Rhodock Stuff

16 retextured armors & 11 retextured shields
Textures by BrustwarzenLenny


Feel free to use all the stuff in your own mods, but give the authors credit!

Have fun!
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Doggone, some very nice stuff, I see. Lovely!

What an evil site you used to upload the pictures, though. It comes with a stupid pop-up which I can't close without opening a new tab. :mad:


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No, seriously, "Brustwarze" must be one of the ugliest German words in existance, the addition of "Lenny" makes it much worse...

Sef OK b

Nice pack! im gonna use them now they look like they'l help me make some rhodok boardmen and what does brustwarze mean?
So much talking about my nick  :roll:
You should get to know BrustwarzenLenny's friend ArschbackenJoe  :lol:

All armors, except of one ("einherjar armor"), have new normalmaps and speculars!
But some normals aren't perfect... A few armors got some extra details, which I didn't
add to the normals, because I stoped working on those textures. I think, that's only
at the byrnies with the necklets.
The shields have specs, but no normals.

The most models are from native, except the two armors of dejawolf.
So the native models all have their LODs with the new textures.
These armor's look awesome, too bad I'm too lazy to actually make my own items...  (Hint: Someone should make items using these and post them)
@FrisianDude,  thought I was being humorously nice, haha.  To be more formal: I would greatly appreciate anyone who took the time to create items using these textures as I think they are quite good but don't generally have the patience to sit and fiddle with the individual stats, mesh names and etc. to get it working correctly.
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