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Need More Info Broken Conspiracy Quest

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No, I didn't use any mods.


Summary: The first leg of the Caravan is from Poros to Amitalys. I arrived at Amitalys and both waited and went back and forth in front of the city for seven game days and the caravan never arrived. I also did not receive a quest message providing a second leg for the quest. I have a save from when I arrived at Amitalys and a save from the seventh day of my waiting for the caravan.

UPDATE: I reloaded the earlier save and made my way from Amitalys back to Poros. I found the caravan frozen outside of the village of Zestea. There was no animation. They were completely frozen. However, I was able to attack them, won the day and completed the quest.

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Scene Name (if related):Stop the Supply Line
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