Resolved Broken Battle AI in 1.4.3 Beta Patch

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The forums won´t let me link images, so I´ll leave them here: (another example from a battle against the Aserai hours later)

Playing as a mercenary for Vlandia, my party is engaged by a Sturgian army. Several Vlandian nobles join in.
My allied AI keeps forming a square with our ranged units, and the infantry never faces the enemy line head-on.
The Sturgian troops can charge straight into our ranged troops, and our out-of-formation infantry get shredded the moment contact is made, since they just keep running around and phasing into the range square.
I´ve reloaded this battle at least 7 times, only once did the AI make a proper battle line formation, and we were able to severely damage the Sturgian infantry.

This bug makes fighting battles a mistake, and victory is impossible to achieve. Is anyone else having this problem?
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I want to add to this, was just about to open a post regarding this. Same thing, Vlandian merc here, it looks like everytime I join a battle where other lords are fighting as well, the allied AI does completely non-sensical movements while the enemy's AI fights decently.

Talking about constantly moving in circles with an infantry line, crossbows never stopping so they never shoot bolts to the enemy, infantry facing perpendicular to the enemy so just a tiny bit of the formation engages the whole enemy line (the tip of a line basically), infantry moving all the time so they dont stop to fight properly, etc.

It is weird because there is a massive difference between the allied AI and the enemy AI in the same battle. It happens both if I "command my units" or get the command of just one formation "infantry/archers/cav/etc."


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Community Support
Are you still having the same problem on our current build? If yes, can you upload a video of this to Please paste the link to this thread in the description box on the upload website so I can identify it.


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Community Support
As the asked information was not provided within 2 weeks, this thread is marked as solved. If the issue still continues, please update this thread.
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