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OSP Sounds Brognar Voice Pack

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Cool battle cries like "TASTE MY STEEL" and "I'LL HAVE YOUR HEAD" as well as heartbreaking death cries like "NO, NOT LIKE THIS!" and "I DIE... FOR MY PEOPLE..."

Made as a joke because i got bored of the usual "RAAARRRHHHGGGG ARRRRGHHH rooor RAAAAAR WAAAAAAAH KIYAAARRGGGHHH" that come in vanilla MnB.

No swears because swearing is for idiots
**Upon review I found one swear word. I shall keep it in to preserve gritty realism

New link (Earendil, moderator): https://www.nexusmods.com/mountandblade/mods/3599/

video proof that it exists
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brognar said:
might make a video
Sounds like a great idea. Or at least a more complete listing of what kinds of (and how many) cries are included.

Excellent initiative here, by the way.


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"Ugh... A worthy blow."  :lol:

I'm going to be repeating these lines every where I go now. Great voice pack!

(It's even more hilarious when you play as a female)


Sounds funny!

BTW, is there any other download link? I've signed up to Nexus forums but I can't log in to M&B Nexus.
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