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General things
  • Villagers react to the status of the player, bowing down for a noble lord and make simple greetings for a random someone.
  • Some people should be friendly and chat with you, others are annoyed and tell you to go away.
  • Some villagers sit on the ground, playing games, making wood carvings, weaving baskets, repairing tools,..
  • Other villagers could cut firewood near some trees, prepaire food on tables, doing repairing work on their houses and picking apples from trees.
  • Villagers walk further away from the village, making better use of the map (but concentrate near the houses).
  • Children playing tag, running through the village and practise fighting with sticks.
  • When the player kills livestock while walking through a village, he should be able to collect its meat, pressing F.
  • Attacking livestock in villages should cause an angry farmer to chase the player down, asking for payment. If you refuse, he attacks you.
  • Random villagers should be attackable, but fight back (on your second hit) and others come to help them. Every killed villager should give a significant deterioration in relation with that village. If the player is a well known lord, others shold not come to help. (The player should be able to leave the village during the fight).
  • Let the player be able to eat things out of his inventory, to get a small health regeneration (limited times per day). It would make a huge difference in immersion already, to be able to sit down in the village and eat something.
  • The player could be able to harvest the crops in a village (aiming at it and pressing F) and get a discount for it when buying these crops from the village.

In rich villages
  • Some villagers sit together on a table and eat.
  • Some villagers offer you a fresh loaf of bread, an apple or a pint.
  • Random merchants and traveling entertainers appear.

In poor villages
  • Someone waits behind a corner and attacks the player.
  • A village could have many sick people which you can help if you got the skills.
  • People gather around you, asking for money or food (which you can give them if you want).

Random events
  • A villager gets beaten up, you can help, deteriorate relations and recruit the villager or just ignore them.
  • A villager says he has enough of village life and wants to join your shieldwall, which you can accept or refuse.
  • Days of harvest, where everyone is in the fields, harvesting the goods (maybe even in all villages at the same time).
  • Days of celebration, where the villages are decorated, music is played, food and drinks are beeing served.
  • People sitting together at night at a campfire, listening to a musician.
  • A robber tries to steal something at night. If you talk to him, he offers you half of the loot to keep quiet. If you refuse, he attacks you.
  • A hunter comes back from a hunting trip, offering you some meat for a good price.
  • A villager lost something and asks you to search it in the village. If you find it and bring it to them, you get food as a reward.
  • Trainers appear, who can teach you some skills for money.
  • Someone drunk appears. The player can try to calm him down or insult him, causing him to attack the player.
  • Ladies appear, to offer you and your men a moral boost.
  • A sword master offers you to duel him. If you win you get his sword as a reward, if you loose, you have to give him yours or pay him with goods or money.
  • A teenager asks the player for a weapon to defend livestock against wild animals. If you give him any weapon, you recieve better relation with the village.

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Also randomly add backstory to some NPCs like for children how they lost parents, for elder their experience in the past, for woman about their husbands etc. Also add character like hobos, wonderers, criminals , injured soldiers in the town with backstories. Can also add activities like archery, horse racing, bar fight etc.
Some great ideas here. I doubt TW would find the time to adopt a lot of these but I hope they look at at least some of them, I'm pretty sure modders will be on to this at some point anyway.

I hope TW will eventually take a look at it and consider some of these things. The villages are already looking very atmospheric, there is so much potential to making them really immersive and fun to interact with. Wouldn't even take that much.
Also in the cities while a tournament is being held there should be a celebration in the streets and in the nearby villages when you talk to a villager they tell you that they are preparing to go see the tournament.
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