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Should TW bring back death count?

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There were many past/forgotten and still ongoing threads about this matter. Maybe we should put it in number to further focus on this forced idea that noone want ? We want to know our kDa in this COMPETETIVE game...

There IS a reason why mp community is constantly shrinking. Maybe it's time to listen your playerbase instead of play deaf to any criticism and believe in full release that won't change anything if the game will be still shaityee?

Bring as many ppl as u can so everyone can cast their vote. Maybe we are minority of this game (mp) but I guess if we still play we can point sth that we don't like at all, right?
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DLW khan

why was it ever removed?
I assume work hours were spent making the change? what a waste of time....

it's a silly solution to a problem
(a bit like slowing time during giving orders SP 1.7. So the battles are clearly happing to fast to give orders, that's the real problem. TW fix = slow time...... queue more problems down the line because it's not a real fix)


Please add option "I have no opinion about this" - a nice way of saying that IDGAF :grin: This would be my pick.


The question is "Should TW bring back death count?" Meaning if you do not care, then your answer would be encompassed by no as you are happy with the current status of the game.


Oof that poll, it was the same with the class system poll as well. Why do they keep making unpopular design choices - its baffling.


Pretty obvious that we want deaths, anyone arguing against death statistic is a brainlet. Id be fine not having it in casual modes like tdm/siege/captain. But put it back in skirmish.


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With the class system it was at least from the beginning there so it's kind of like justified to me that they decided to keep it despite everyone want the old system from Warband. But the sudden removal of something that's in the spirit of competetive scene and they doesn't even bother to answer any questions?



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Why would anyone even vote for the 2nd option? As if there was literally any argument speaking in favor of removing deaths and we had to settle for a compromise?

This clown show has to be some kind of elaborate joke. What the ****?


Less than 100 ppl voted so its "unpopular" desgin choice.


If this is the general attitude that the developers have to this game and this forum, multiplayer is going to die. When private servers come along, the Taleworlds servers are going to be deserted. No one wanted this, no one wanted the class system, no one wanted unlockable/grindable skins, no one was bothered for the focus on creating MP around E-Sports.

We wanted Warband MP Mark.II.
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