Bring the relationship between player and companions to the next level

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I recently have been playing a new campaign, been putting a lot of hours into it. After a battle last night I had realized that one of the companions that I have is one of the first companions I've had since day like 10 and I'm now on day 1k+.

So my suggestion is to bring the companions to the next level of possibly adopting companions that have been with you for extended periods of time into your family or even marrying them (which I'm pretty sure is already a thing. I remember reading a devblog where the player character married a spicevendor or something).

But I think it would be a nice little touch of ya know something extra, that you can do to "reward" your AI companions for surviving so long on the journey. There have been times that I get a new companion, I outfit him with some decent gear and he dies in the very next battle haha. So the fact that I have one companion that has been with the party from the start is pretty remarkable.
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