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Bring back skill books ? (with a change)

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Hello once more,

Some people have been calling the new skill system grindy, in that you need attribute/focus points to increase skill caps, but you need to level up skills to get these. At some point in the game, leveling the skills you're looking to increase doesn't cut it, and you're forced to increase secondary skills to get these and progress your main skills.

Proposed change:
Warband had skill books that allowed you to learn skills at camp. In this new system, skill books could perhaps increase your skill cap and/or/give you a focus point in it (which would also increase the cap!). I actually like the latter better because not giving a skill increase on reading a book would give credence to the popular dichotomy 'book smart/has practice', but it would also take into account the fact that theoretical knowledge can contribute to the faster acquisition of experience (to give an example, having some PC architecture theorectical knowledge helps you dramatically in learning to optimize code in practice (gives you ideas of which direction to go)).

Some books could even unlock special/hidden perks. There's many things we don't think of even with lots of practice of something, until we read about them.
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