Bring Back Old Formation System (Sort of)

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The new formation system is fantastic! However I find it really annoying that it's kind of out of the way to separate certain units (or borderline impossible), and do other fun things like having Companions be my personal bodyguards and such. I think if you guys bring back the old system and allow you to shift things before combat if needed would be really nice. Or find a way to allow you to select the troops you want in a certain formation in that before combat formation screen. Possibly a button that expands to show the names of your troops? And when you click it a +/- sign appears and lets you place the amount you want to place. I really think that would make it perfect cause it is a great system.



I was puzzled to see, why they removed the possibility to assign groups from the Party menu. I see literally no design need for removing that.
I can see that the new system offers some advantages (preplan and position your army) and the fact that you can add commanders, besides that it offers certain buffs depending on the traits, it also adds immersion to the game and is a very nice idea. However, at the current state it lacks player control. For example aside the heroes which I believe I you said that they are more fluid (so in the future we might be able to assign them to a group on their own), it is very difficult to assign a specific unit. For example, with the new system I can't distinct a Vlandian knight from a banner knight (I used to have a group of 30 banner knights always following me as my guard while now I have a 30 people random cavalry retinue). Maybe alongside the armored , shielded, polearms options we could also have a system like the one in multiplayer where you can choose the specific troop from that troop type (that way we can make the distinction between same trait units). I am a huge fan of the game but the new system, despite it's aforementioned advantages, has taken away a very important part of gameplay (unlimited control on your army and groups). I specifically made an account to address that, since I have less and less visited the game after 1.7. I also understand that I might be the minority and that in the end you will decide to keep the new system as it is right now (and that's okay too), but could you please tell me if my suggestion is doable and if a new mechanic where based on the traits you have chosen, would allow us to choose a specific troop from a certain range of the same troop type (for example the legionaries from the veteran infantrymen or the different types of cavalry such as regular cataphracts to elite cataphracts) is something feasible?
Thank you for advance for your time and assistance and feel free to contact me if I haven't expressed something correctly.
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