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Resolved Bribed a Lord at the exact moment I entered a Siege and cannot interact with the Siege Camp

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I was attacking a castle, and the exact moment I entered a Siege I was accosted by a Lord who I bribed. (They didn't own the settlement I was besieging).

Upon exiting the success screen the game believed I was still roaming the map (I could place movement markers down, zoom in and out, and roam around the map as normal) but I was building a Siege Camp and rooted in place. I had no way of exiting the siege and cannot interact with the build-able equipment or castle itself. So I am permanently locked into this siege until someone attacks me or my army starves due to not being able to lead an assault or break the siege.

Edit: A few pages in I saw someone else had this exact same bug (Worded differently) and that the Devs are working on fixing it. Thank you for your endless diligence Taleworlds :smile:
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