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Breaking into a seiged settlement and autoresolving is beyond broken because AI cannot retreat.. Should be allowed to retreat in this situation

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This probably has been said before, but it should be said again. What is more broken then smithing in this game? probably this.
You lose maybe 100 troops, but you can lead your army 1/3 of the attackers size into a sieged settlement and easily win, capturing everyone because the AI is not allowed to retreat an auto-calc battle where you send troops instead of lead the defense yourself.

At this point, this game has kind of just become a bad RTS to me. Just wait for your AI enemy army to seige a settlement, and begin assaulting. Players naturally try to uncover the path of least resistance/efficiency, and if you didn't know this is an option, now you do. Its totally broken.

It would be better if the AI were allowed to retreat in these situations(Break in and Defend) at a certain point, because its just too overpowered in its current iteration. If you defend normally, and the AI takes huge losses, it will retreat temporarily. Has me wondering why i am still playing this if i can do this, even if its to combat the other broken things not in your favor in this game.

This effectively trivializes the entire game.
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Yeah this is on the list of IWIN buttons I don't use because of how broken they are.

The others being smithing IE money printing cheat, battanian culture bonus IE catch/escape almost anything cheat, minister of health perk IE nigh invincible troops cheat, Khan's Guards/Fians IE my archers are also shock troops cheat.

I'd actually like to play Battania 'cause I like the Celtic theme but the faction is basically pure cheese right now.

Might be forgetting some but there are too many things in the game that are just way too strong for the player such that you practically can't use them if you want a reasonable challenge.

I'd almost put mounted patrols+keen sight on there, but it seems more like an essential massive time saver than an IWIN button. The game needs some other more interesting ways to stem the tides of the AI making endless junk armies, really.
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