Bows too precise at low levels

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I understand that the game is still early access, and many things will be changed, but my sense is that with very little skills in bows I can hit targets from a very far range with pin point accuracy. This doesn't feel like I'm leveling up anything, right off the bat my character is an expert archer. Probably needs to be tweaked.


thats weird. dont know what is very far range for u, but consistently hitting targets at like 80m at starting 30 bow and default bow, even standing still, is damn near impossible as starting bow has horrible accuracy (80 somethign), so i honestly dont know what ur on about.
also, on horseback, bows are absolutely horrible at top speed compared to warband, and there doesn't seem to be any imporvement when u get your archery higher either. tehre should be perks that make it easier, even a noble bow with super high accuracy basically "misfires" a lot, meaning arrow goes either way below ur center reticule, or was higher, almost half of the time.

so when u say bows are more too accurate, i can only say that progressing in bow skill makes almost no difference on horse, but i guess on foot must be really different

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The reticle Is small, the range Is bad that means you hit everything in bow range. In arena you can do the same, you cover more than half arena.
I am not sure but in warband reticle was caused by skills while weapon accuracy meant that even centering the enemy in reticle you could still miss, this doesn't happens in bannerlord.


I agree. I mostly only use bows in arena, but I've never felt like my character skill or the bow accuracy caused me to miss, even with my 20 whatever in bows
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