Bows are way too quick

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Hello, everything is in the title :smile:
I don't know if this topic has already been told (I believe it must be the case though) Sorry for double-posting if it's the case.

It triggers me since I started playing : in my opinion, bows are way too quick to draw, and too quickly precise
- to make it enjoyable to play : there is no "low-precision" time (you only have to click once and keep your cursor on the enemy, the arrow is gonna work by herself)
- for unit balance : archers like battanians are strictly OP. Crossbow is useless unless for its range.
- for player XP progression : Bow is quick and precise since low-level xp. There is no need to improve bow skill, unless we want a semi-automatic rifle.

There is no real progression curve, which could make interesting the use of crossbow or throwing weapons. Bow is the best since the beginning.

Seen in another topic some days ago "Any militia archer is stronger than a mounted knight" :p

Bow vs throwing : Bow is faster to reload, faster to shoot, more accurate at mid-long distance, and deals slightly less damage.

Archery and throwing both have been made easier than in Warband, which in my opinion is good for throwing, which I didn't use at all because it was horrendously hard and ineffective. Archery, on the contrary, seems to have been boosted too much.
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why do u think its bad for the game? Bows are terrible destructive ingenious weapons and both the mongols and the english used it to kill off whole armies. If u have problems v archer enemies: buy a shield, get some archers urself, mount ur archers to boost them. I like it very much that archery became a bit more realistic. in warbands u just steamrolled over a horde of archers. this is much better now.
It maybe true with high levels, but on low level everything is fine.

Of course ideal has no limits.

I myself would make crossbows a little more powerful, because there is little sense in using them right now if you are not forced to, f.e. in tournaments or in multiplayer, but there are also threads to do vice versa.
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