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ATTENTION! Everything (Bans, Unbans, Admin Apps) gets handled on the BBG BotSurvival Discord at this point. You can join that here: . Since we will not be doing anything on this forum any longer, this thread is now locked.
Bloody Bayonet Gaming Presents...

Bot Survival

Welcome to a newly created humans vs. bots server! We hope that you all enjoy this gamemode created in our own image.

What is it?
Bot survival is a gamemode that pits players against an overwhelming wave of AI in a dire effort to survive. Both players and bots square off in a large battlefield that emphasizes more of a battle-gamemode rather than siege—this means you have one life, make it count! In bot survival, teamwork and class diversity is detrimental to your success. For instance...

Infantry is the backbone of any army. Likewise, in this gamemode, it is equally important. Without infantry, sappers are left defenseless against charging cavalry. They can also be helpful in protecting artillery crew and skirmishers from oncoming bots—both in melee and ranged.In this gamemode, cavalry plays two very important roles. The first being that cavalry can provide hit-and-run maneuvers that distract the bots and ultimately give sappers valuable seconds to further construct defenses. The second being when defenses are finished, cavalry can bait groups of AI to give chase allowing for easy targeting by artillery and infantry alike.Artillery is the hardest-hitting specialist on the field. Sure, the artillery crew is poor in melee, but their cannon makes up for their disadvantages. A well-trained artilleryman can take out an excessive amount of bots. As a sapper, you are in charge of designating and constructing the location of field defenses where infantry can safely retaliate against the AI with ranged fire. You must judge correctly what defenses you want to construct based on the immediate need (i.e if cavalry is incoming, constructing fences for larger coverage).Skirmishers are adept at long range combat and tasked with softening up the AI infantry before they arrive at the barricades. Skirmishers are generally supposed to take cover behind the infantry and give support, rather than sallying forth and fighting hand-to-hand. Skirmishers should prioritize targets.

Server Rules
Our rules are very simple:
1. Do not troll, whether it be through chat, names, or exploitations.
2. Refrain from spamming unfinished buildings. Build points are needed.
3. Do not spam explosives. This can lag computers and the server.
4. No recruiting is permitted except for those allowed in the ingame rules.
5. Humans are on the left side and bots are on the right side. No exceptions.

Future Plans:Mapmaking:
We will plan on adding scripts that will enhance gameplay mechanics. We also hope to expand our current admin staff by inviting active players to help.We currently have one custom map on our server but plan to have many more! We will have urban style maps, alamo themed maps, and even mountainous maps!

Contact Information

Head Administrator




Server Owner

Ban/Unban Requests
Ban Request:

Unban Request:
Why Should You Be Unbanned?:
User ID #:

Admin Application:
How active can you be?:
Current Regiment/Clan:
Admin experience:
Why do you want this role?:

Need assistance with a ban/unban/admin appeal? watch and follow along in this video(courtesy of Glenn): 

Hello all! Hopefully we'll have a wonderful time on the server, but until then, we would really appreciate assistance (voluntary or with strings attached) in further developing our server. If anyone is interested, we are looking for map makers, and those good at modifying scripts related to multiplayer servers, gamemodes, or bots. Please message me if you think you have what it takes to help us out.  :grin:
Update: After having expanded upon in server size, we have finally also added on in admin staff! Say hello to our new public moderators:





These people have been instated to uphold the rules and take care of issues whenever main administrators are not on. If you see any of them breaking said rules, please do let us know by submitting a ban appeal.
Name: Mr_Lockety
Offense: Destroying my own fort when I was sapper because other ppl were destroying it too.
Why Should You Be Unbanned?: It was not a just ban. I got no warning either, and the fact that I built the fort in the first place.
User ID #: I don't know. Mr_Lockety is my in game name though.
Time/Date: 6/3/2015. Sometime in the afternoon EST time.

Mr_Lockety said:
Upon checking the logs, it seems to me you were banned for behavior associated with players that troll. Please keep in mind that defenses in use by other players should not be destroyed unless you are certain most people in the area are okay with it.

I am going to inquire with the moderator that permanent banned you as to his specific reasoning. If I find you had done anything more incriminating, your ban will most likely not be lifted. However, this does seem like a case where an admin stepped over the line a little too far. Your ban will be lifted one week from today (and maybe sooner if this is the case) if things look okay. Check back with us June 12 for your unban.
Just a quick question for the admin USMC Alpha
Will I still be allowed to come back onto the server tomorrow? If I understand correctly, the first ban I received was just a temporary ban, so does that mean I can still return to the server tomorrow because technically I am not perma banned??
iCod43 said:
Just a quick question for the admin USMC Alpha
Will I still be allowed to come back onto the server tomorrow? If I understand correctly, the first ban I received was just a temporary ban, so does that mean I can still return to the server tomorrow because technically I am not perma banned??

Your ban on your original key was an hour, you ban evaded on other keys so those will remain banned. Once your hour is up, you can go back on your original key.
Okay thank you!  :grin:
I crossed the line tonight and I can assure you my behavior from here on out will change.
Admin Applications are up!

Please post following the format. Your application will be reviewed by me and a few other active administrative staff. We will also let you know on here if you are accepted/denied. Ask our admins on Botsurvival to "+1" your application if they see you follow and uphold the rules, and are active.
Nickname: Tolbs
GUID: 893813
Steam: [RIG] Mayor Tolbs
How active can you be?: As needed
Current Regiment/Clan: RussianImperialGuard/L-GPP
Admin experience: I run the RIG event server
Why do you want this role?: I like playing on the server but get rather upset when people just blow off the rules and no admin/mod is on.
[RIG]Mr.Tolbs said:
To get your GUID, join our server. The welcome message will greet you with your name and a strand of numbers. This is your GUID. Write it down and post it with your application.

Also: Approved. Will contact you shortly
Name: Shamwow_Guy
Offense: I don't even know, most likely foul language and/or slurs.  :ohdear:
Why Should You Be Unbanned?: I had just gotten on the server the second time that day, and obviously I cant remember everything I did, but nothing I can think of as "rule breaking", unless foul language is against the rules and I apologize. Why I don't believe it to be foul language is because I (and many others) had used curse words frequently on the server throughout the day. On the day I was banned, I had been playing for almost 10 hours (No life here :lol:) with no bans of any kind due to foul language, not even warnings. I had just favorited the server (ironically) so obviously I like and enjoy playing on the server because its the only one of its kind.  I pray I was temp banned because this server just got me playing M&B again.
User ID #: I don't know how to check my user ID # when I'm banned. I would appreciate if someone could tell me a way to do this if there even is.
Time/Date: around 10:00 PM 7/23/15

NOTE: I don't know which administrator banned me for there were multiple on at the time. I don't think my ban was due to a random poll but this is a small possibility, I might not have noticed. Either way, I hope someone reads this soon and allows me back on the server (I think I might be addicted).

Shamwow_Guy said:
Unban Request
Shamwow, you have been banned for repeatedly using Slurs after having been warned not to. I am also fairly certain you were trolling our admins on the time being as well. Re-read the rules. Your ban will be lifted in 5 days. Check back with us on the 28th.
I do not recall performing any acts of trolling, although slurs would explain the ban. I ask that you consider shortening the length of the ban (If even possible), for school for me starts on the 14th of August, and I would like to spend more time playing games before I'm pounded with work. You don't have to obviously it's just a request. I will read the server rules carefully and be more careful whenever I get on, presumable the 5 days. I apologize for my actions and will, of course, be more careful with what I do, what I say, and what the administrators are saying. Also thank you for responding in such a short time.

(still no life here  :party:)
Shamwow_Guy said:
Very well. Since your offense really wasn't anything that massive, and i'm not in an angry mood after the mess I had to deal with (90+ Players, Jesus), I will unban you tomorrow. Just please, read/respect the rules. We are not very fond of 3rd chances.
Thank you very much and I completely understand. I will watch what I do and say on the server from now on (and yes, 90+ players was insane  :shock:)
Thanks to everyone participating on the server! We had great fun organizing a massive line, ship crew mob, pike wall, and oh so much more! Some screens for the folks who missed it, it was truly awe inspiring ;D :










We did plenty more, but that was only a few of the purely epic moments I could take a picture of. Hope to do more things like this soon!
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