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yo, homies! i be slappin' the keyboard now in prep for my main boize mod new mod release, m3:sellsword(minus) for v953.

since muh tight bud Marnie has his own whiteboard, i been pluggin' maw to give me some space. an' here it be.

i be addressin' some issssssues 'bout the game, the mod, m&b, the boi-eeeze in the calradian hood, an' life in gernral, an' i be giving some time to all of m3's dedicated posse. shorely we be jammin' with pitchforks, medeival style.

so to start off contra-vers-ial-like, i be takin' a dig at headees for thread posts.

look, i ain't gonna read a "Pls Hep Me!" or "Need help Plz" thread head. be specific. describe what your prob is. be succinct. gimme an idee on what you're posting request. else there ain't gonna be much respose. it be annoying to pop open a thread an' find it be somethin' mundane, an' you've sucked a moment of my life away, doggie. an' my life be too short as it be.

just tell me what you want up front, 'cuase i ain't gonna waste meh time. if you put up a good headee, an' i can help (or others can)... well... its just good advertising. like, if you want to hookup on craigslist, yer not gonna head off with 'Desperate!', right? ('course, if you are desparate, and craig's is your thing, you get what you ask for...)


now, for my daily *****-slap:

serial negative posters, one-shot snipers, and ig-nant rant-girlz...

yo, dog - itz a beta, open source, demo. that mean it in-***-plete. when you post stupid self-centered bull-feces like 'this game be dum' or 'i done wasted my treasure', you whine like my ex. which is why there is an ex.

when you post, an' slap yo's name on a comment, make shore it has some content. like, 'yo, i hate dis thing, because of dis...' or 'hey! this be gammed, an' herez how it should be fix-ed...". remember, post stupid and you'll be labelled stupid.

don't be sending a +3 bolt up the the dev's arse and run like a girly-girl from Reyvadin. 'nuff said.

so there it be, muh homme boize and gurls. welcome to the big leauges, wit' da fast pitches of maws murder mod, cummin' on down ta you, quick like.

peace - B.
Vilhjalmr said:
Onwards! Onwards to the end! No grave for Vilhjalmr, I will be a feast for the crows on the churned and bloody mud of a distant field!

So anyway, how's it going? And is this going to be M3 or M4?

m3(-) - maw's murder mod (minus) since it'll all be text edit, no real new scripts, for v953.

new weapons, shields, partys, troops modded... just an all around difficult mod.... toughen every one up...

i'd mush mo like to use python and kick in some scripts, particularly chel's death script... i'm monkeying with it now through the text editing... maybe i'll get it to work.... otherwise, it may be an 'allways fall dead',,,, i'm workin' it...


M3 returns, probably my families' most played mod. As long as that kick ass face is still in, it's going to be awesome.
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