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Delora Filth

Do you want to run this ship?
If you give me resources I'll attack someone of my choosing. I can't promise it'll be profitable. But I promise it'll be fun.
If any of you warlords blow up a drone of your own and send me a video of you doing it, I'll send you the exact cost of said drone and 50 funds to boot.


Shintilt Semevrol, Yakhint for the Merchant Tribes;

The merchant tribes of Meio declare that we have 10 of organic minerals for sale to any interested party.


Under New Management!
An ongoing war between ATOS and Ronstal lead to an ATOS task force to enter Pel's Aurora near the end of last month. In a brutal campaign, ATOS was able to conquer the planet and subjugate Ronstal's employees. Part of this task force has stayed behind and a representative of ATOS, Rodi Svarvas, has been appointed to act as a new RCEO. This remaining force's new mission is to establish an ATOS sphere of influence in Pel's Aurora, at any cost. The rest of the ATOS army and fleet has left the region to carry the war to the rest of the sector or to garrison ATOS sponsored worlds against Ronstal's possible reprisals.

Lobiok has joined the game as ATOS (Armaments Technology and Optimized Shielding) Mega-conglomerate. Neurhone is their new regional HQ.

Mechanics and Notes

- It now only takes one day to cross a cubic parsec, as opposed to 2. Diagonal crossing is 1 1/2 days. This is due to the canonical changing of a starship's warp speed from being 1800 x the speed of light to 3000. A cubic parsec now represents a distance of 8.21 light years. As they can be crossed in one day, calling them 'ship days' when used as distance is appropriate.
- Next turn, helium-3 capacitors will be added as a starship component, due to complaints regarding how methanol and dark matter have distinct 'cargo' sections on a starship but not helium-3. As this would require a significant card reformat, however, for this turn only you have as much additional cargo space as you have helium-3 onboard. (IE if you have 30 helium-3, you can add 30 to your cargo bay capacity). Next turn this will take the form of being based on your power plant, with helium-3 capacitors providing as much space for 3x the monthly consumption of that power plant level.
- Cargo upgrades, as from the ship creator, will be buffed, adding both a flat bonus (to help smaller ships) and a larger percentage increase.

Deadline is the 4th of March.


Eternal said:


It appears Kalonda is now an NPC, which seems to imply that Gaham is no longer a player.

If any warlords are interested of taking charge of a planet, please PM me your resume, any references, and a cover letter.


Delora Filth

Do you want to run this ship?
Is there anything but toxic water, dead colonists and heaps of broken spears left on that rock? For 1500 space quid I'll nuke it from orbit for you and you can strip-mine and frack the whole sorrowful place instead.
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