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Naval multiplayer action in Bannerlord will be so good. Get some arty on the boats and make boats sinkable. Boats great. Boat.

Also please nerf ram attack. It is op and allow less skilled players to win.

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i have been thinking and have come to the conclusion (again) that naval combat would really reinvigorate this game. it would give the class system some mileage because the class system would work really good for boats (you pick viking longship with more oars or more sails for example). i mean, think about it, if you look at a viking longship you will know the enemy are fiendish vikings with axes perhaps?? this is what callum was talking about when he was saying that the class system would give visual cues, that's boats 2, anti-boats 0 now! ok but moving on, think of how many people are enjoying sea of thieves or other games like that like sid meiers pirates or something. if bannerlords had boat combat just think of all the people who would say "oh wow bannerlord is having viking longship? i love vikings television show now available on netflix!" they would flock to the game like flies on (i don't want to say but you can google it! haha). also, it would make the respawn system more easier because, if you know deathmatch has a problem where people spawn away from the aciton. however, the game would always spawn someone ON A BOAT! the boat is always action packed (trust me i am a sailor and im telling you it is very fun :grin:DDD). so that's like 5 reasons to want to give this to the bannerlord community and 0 reasons against. i think the community would love naval combat with the viking longships and perhaps also sarranid galley?? i know fietta will lock this thread because he hates the idea of naval combat but i really think it would be like a straight shot of adrenilane to the HEART to this game. hellish and powerful do you know what i mean? stay gangster, fellow taleworlds forums.

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"sid meiers pirates or something" give this man an award for describing exactly how he wants the game mode to work too
"sid meiers pirates or something" give this man an award for describing exactly how he wants the game mode to work too

i have gone in depth on how this would be implemented before. please do not disrespect me or my ideas in this way.

method man said: "i am an old sailor at heart. i sail a lot and honestly, i think mountain blade bannerlord would work well with BOATS in multiplayer. imagine, the world map has a big sea. you could have naval battels? empire versus vlandiea or something 10 people on the boat and 10 people on the OTHER boat (for balance reasons) and they would fightr once the boats connected. thoughts?"


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i have been thinking and have come to the conclusion (again)
Hope you didn't hurt yourself. We have earnest threads about adding ships and naval combat to the game. If you actually cared, you could search for and revive one of those. Instead, you're just repeatedly posting the same asinine thing and derailing unrelated threads with it. You don't get to keep this one, and there won't be a next one.

Besides, if they added viking longships then this game would clearly be a Valheim clone and might trick people into thinking it's fun. :iamamoron:
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