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Taleworlds board rules

Note: Members cannot start new posts in this board, but can reply to existing posts as normal. If you need to create a new topic for your mod which has been released but has no current topic, post it in the Pioneer's Guild board and ask a Global Moderator or Administrator to move it over. If you already have a topic for your mod in the Pioneer's Guild and now have a release, you should likewise ask to have it moved over.

Sub forum rules
1. Requirements for a Sub forum
  • A playable version of the Mod must be available for download
  • Sufficient activity in the initial mod thread must exist for the mod to be considered. Generally speaking, around 15 pages or so would be the minimum
  • The content of the mod should be such that it justifies having it's own board
  • The mod must be compatible with the latest stable version of Mount & Blade
  • For legal reasons, mods utilising third party IP (for example, those based on a licenced world) cannot be considered for a subforum
2. Applying for a sub board
The author (or in the case of a group, the lead) must apply for the subforum by writing a PM to one of the admins. The request will be considered and if found appropriate the board will be created. Note that in all cases the decision of the administration team is final. Repeated requests after being refused will not be tolerated. If you are refused a subforum, then we will usually provide an explanation of why we feel it cannot be granted. This may be something which you can alter, in such cases we will be willing to discuss your application again once the necessary work has been completed.
Mod authors or teams who have multiple mods are free to include those mods within their existing subforum (assuming the mod does not otherwise breach these rules), however in most cases we will not grant a second board.
When applying for a subforum, please include the following details in your PM:
  • The name of the subforum. In most cases, this will be the same as the mod itself, or an abbreviation
  • Moderator(s). Usually the author, though in the case of a team you may request another member also be granted moderator privileges. Usually we will allow no more than two moderators per board, however if there are extenuating circumstances we may consider additional moderators. Note that we will not give moderation privileges out to any member who we feel is unsuitable for the position. In such cases, we will discuss the situation privately with those involved to see if an alternative can be worked out
  • Sub title. Usually this will be the current release of the mod and compatible version of M&B
3. Rules governing Sub Boards
The following rules are applicable to all sub boards:
Subforum specific rules
You are free to set any specific rules on your sub board within reason. Note however that in no case can these supercede the official forum rules which govern the rest of the Taleworlds forum.
Subforum moderators are responsible for the moderation of their own board. If it comes to our attention that a moderator of a board is failing to keep the board in good order, or else abusing their powers within the board, then we will revoke the moderator privileges. If there are no other moderators for the board then you run the risk of losing the sub board.

In cases where a post in a subforum breaks Taleworlds Forum rules then we ask that the moderators bring it to our attention via the report post button. Do not attempt to edit or otherwise take action on the issue yourself. If necessary, you are free to lock the offending post until we can deal with it.

Any complaints about a moderator of a subforum should be brought to the attention of the administration staff

In order to retain your subforum you must make all efforts to keep your mod compatible with the latest stable version of M&B. After the release of a new version of M&B we will allow six weeks from the release of the modding toolset for authors to update their mod. If for any reason you are unable to do so then you should notify the administration team as soon as possible. If a mod appears to be abandoned, then the board runs the risk of being deleted without prior warning.
Similarly, we expect a playable version of the mod to be available for download at all times. Should this not be possible (for example, if the site hosting the download is down) then we expect you to make all efforts to make a download available as soon as possible. In such cases, we will allow a week for you to restore availability. If there are extenuating circumstances preventing you from doing so you should discuss the situation with the administration staff as soon as possible.
If you decide to abandon the mod yourself, please notify one of the administrators. We won't necessarily delete the board straight away, however should space become a concern it does allow us to remove 'dead' mods to make way for up and coming mods.

Failure to adhere to these rules may result in the deletion of your subforum.

Note: The above rules are intended to keep the forum free of 'dead' boards. If for any reason you decide to abandon a mod project after having been granted a sub board please notify the administration staff as soon as possible. Where applicable, we will allow sufficient time for someone else to take over the project.

Final Note
We will remove any subforum at any time should we feel that it becomes necessary. Should we decide to do so, we will contact the moderators of the sub board to notify them of the decision and the reasons for the removal. Where circumstances allow, we will provide sufficient time for you to re-organise the board for a return to the general mod forum.

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