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The Apothecary
These rules apply to all posts in the Apothecary section. These are in addition to the main forum rules, which can be found here. Please make sure you are familiar with all board rules before posting

Welcome to the Apothecary. This is the board for technical support of Mount & Blade. If you have a problem getting the game to run, or you have found an error in the game, then this is the board to have it resolved.
The board is comprised of three sections:

The Apothecary - main forum. Post your problems with getting M&B up and running here
The Grimoire - A locked board. Solutions to reported problems will be placed in this board, alongside optimisation documents and Technical FAQs.
The Ratcatcher's Hovel - Bug reporting. Found a spelling mistake? Praven suddenly roaming around the map? this is where to post it

Board Specific Rules
Specific rules regarding posts are in force on this board, as detailed below. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in your post being deleted.

Technical/Customer Support Issues
Technical queries, problems and issues should be posted into the main forum. Once an issue is resolved, it will be deleted, and the problem and answer added into the Grimoire board. Serial Key issues will follow the same process. For all non-serial issues please include your system specification. If you don't know your specs, see below.

Bug Reports
Mistakes in the game, spelling errors, cosmetic errors and similar should be posted into the Ratcatcher's Hovel. Before posting, check the Known Bugs sticky to make sure the issue hasn't already been reported.

If you don't know whether your problem is a bug or a technical issue, post it into the main forum and it will be moved into the correct board

Posting Guidelines

Search Remember, your question will only be answered when someone actually decides to reply. Try searching the Grimoire before you post, since you can immediately get your answer there.

Information The more information we have about a problem, the quicker and easier it is to help you. If posting a technical problem, include your full system specifications. The most accurate way to do this is to click on your start button, click on run and type DXDIAG into the box that appears. Hit enter. The Direct X Diagnostic tool should now start up. After a moment's pause, this tool will then display all of the information we require about your system. At the minimum, you need to post:

Operating System: (main tab)     
Processor type & speed (main tab)
Memory/RAM (main tab, as reported by Direct X regardless of how much you think you have)
Video Card type (Display)
Video Card Model (display)
Sound Card Type (sound)
Sound Card model (sound)

An ideal post would look like:

Problem goes here

OS : Windows XP, 2.0 GB Ram, Intel P4.2, Nvidia Geforce 7900GT, Realtek AC97 Audio

Be informative With both bug reports and technical queries the more information you can give regarding the error the better. Include any error messages you may have recieved, the exact point at which the problem occurs and anything else you think would be useful. Ideally you want to give enough information for someone to replicate the exact error

Be Polite Remember, Taleworlds has no technical support or customer service staff. The members who choose to answer your posts do so voluntarily. People are more likely to help if you post a polite, informative post. Conversely, if you become abusive then all your likely to receive is a ban.

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