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The King's Court
These rules apply to all posts in the King's Court section. These are in addition to the main forum rules, which can be found here. Please make sure you are familiar with all board rules before posting

Welcome to the King's Court. This board is for suggestions on improvements and changes to the game.

This board has two sections:
The King's Court - Discussion of suggestions already proposed
The Privy Council - For proposing new suggestions

Board Specific Rules
The staff's decision is final - The board staff will decide which proposed suggestions are moved into the main suggestions forum. No amount of complaining, badgering or whining will alter or speed up this process. Do Not start any threads about it in this forum.
Partially locked board The main board is locked to new topics, but you may post replies to existing threads

Posting Guidelines / Explanation of Board Function
The two boards in this section are linked in purpose. Suggestions for improving or adding to the game may be posted in the Privy Council board. If the suggestion is found to be a valid suggestion, then it will be moved into the main board for further discussion.

A valid suggestion must fulfil the following criteria:
It must be a new (i.e. hasn't been suggested before) suggestion
The suggestion must be clear and concise.
Do not post multiple suggestions into the same post.
Give your suggestion a search friendly name such as "Horse improvements"

In certain cases even though a suggestion fulfills the above criteria it will still not be moved into the main board. In most cases  this is usually because Armagan has already stated that the suggestion will not be implemented (such as Multiplayer). You are still free to discuss such suggestions in the Privy Council forum, however these will not be moved into the main forum area.

Guidelines for proposing a suggestion:

Search! Try searching the main board before you post for a similar suggestion. Remember - duplicate suggestions will not be moved into the main board, so you will be wasting your time posting a suggestion which is already under discussion.

Clarity Be clear with what you are actually suggesting. Explain why you think it should be included in the game. Give an example of how it will affect the player or the game at large. Try to stick to one suggestion per proposal - if you have three great ideas for the game then make three great posts. Needless to say, writing the post in an understandable, easy to read manner is essential.

Guidelines for replying to proposed or posted suggestions

Be Polite If you disagree with the suggestion, be polite about it.

Content Explain why you agree or disagree with a suggestion. Don't just post "I agree!" or "this sucks!", tell us why you (dis)agree.

On Topic Remember that this is a suggestions board, not a historical debate or games discussion board. Try not to wander off into these kinds of discussion in the middle of a suggestions thread. If you want to debate whether people really used two crossbows in battle then take it to the relevant forum. You can always discuss it elsewhere then come back and post your reply.
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