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G'day! Before you start a new topic, be sure you do the following:

1) Read and understand the forum rules (link).

2) Respect your fellow posters, No arguments, Flaming, Abuse of any kind will be reported.

3) For random Ideas that you just want to share and not discuss use the [ideas] thread. (Old Topic)
Be as precise as possible when you describe what you'd like to see and where, also state if it's a OSP addition or for the standalone, and remember that OSP has to be ported quite easily to other mods.

4) For Bug related issues use the [Bugs] Old Topic (Old Topic)
Be as precise as possible when you describe what happens to you. The very best is to try to reproduce the bug, and then to post on how it happened. (the topic has it's own rules in the first post)

5)Use Topic title tags, and open a topic for each Idea subject you propose:

  • [Balance] If you want to discuss a Game feature that seems unbalanced.
  • [Discuss] If you want to propose an idea or a new feature to add into the game and want to discuss it.
  • [Various] For anything else.The tags make searching through the subforums easier.
From now on any Ideas will be renamed to discussions and if they do not seem worthy of discussion will be merged to the ideas thread.

6) Use the search function to research the idea/comment/suggestion you want to post about.

If you find one or more topics that contain information about your subject - read them thoroughly to see if your idea/suggestion/comment has already been posted.  If it has not, pick an appropriate topic and post your message there.  In the event that none of them are a good fit, or you do not find existing topics about your subject - then it is acceptable to start a new topic.

These rules are here in order to make it easier for others to find information.  When there are too many topics on the same subject, usually only one or two of them have valuable information.  When someone is trying to find an answer to a question, and the search function returns 10 topics - it can be very hard for them to locate the one bit of good information within all the useless stuff.

Thank you for thinking before posting and welcome to Mount & Blade:Freelancer Mod.


Here is a list of questions we are asked by new and old forum readers. If you think of something to add, PM me with the question ...and answer if you have it. I will add to this constantly.




Q.    Does this mod have anything to do with Freelancer the Space Sim by Microsoft?

A.      No.

Q.    How do I install this mod ?

  • Download the mod from our Download topic, the latest release will always be at the top.
  • Run the installer, the installer will copy files it needs from the Native folder (make sure you have this!)
    *side note, never delete the 'Native folder..bad bad move!

  • Make sure when asked where to install, to that the directory aims at your  Mount & Blade: Warband modules directory.

    ie. C:\games\Mount&Blade Warband\Modules\Freelancer

    For Steam owners

    ie. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount&Blade Warband\Modules\Freelancer

    or C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount&Blade Warband\Modules\Freelancer

    *note the *x86 is for 64bit systems only
  • The installer will overwrite any files in your freelancer folder it needs to if it is already there. If it is not, it will create the folder and copy all the files it needs as said before in step 2.
  • Run your Mount & Blade Warband game and select "Freelancer" in the module menu. and play the game.
  • Please note there may be bugs but always look at the Bug reports page before reporting a 'new' bug. If it has already been reported before we do not mind if you say so.
  • Enjoy!

Q.    Can I contribute to the mod?

A.      Yes. If you have no knowledge or a heap of knowledge about modding, there is always room for you game ideas or mission ideas. If you are a coder and think you might have the answer to some of our bugs we would LOVE to hear from you as all of us are here as volunteers and fans of M&B:Warband and do this for fun and don't get paid :sad: :lol:

Q.      IS there a stable version of Freelancer?

A.      Plain answer is unfortunately No, but! we are constantly working on updating the code to make it more stable and we appreciate the amount of people who understand the situation we are in where every time we add a new feature the Native game doesn't like it so we have put code in place to avoid those issues. We will continue to fix this and in the end have the core code stable enough so we can make it available for other mods.

Q.    Is there any mods with Freelancer / Enlist included?

A.    Yes, but in various versions. You can find the list of mods using our code in the About & Features topic.

more soon...
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