EU Duel Open BNL Warmup 3v3 Groupfighting Tournament - 75$

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SIGNUPS END August 10th

Welcome to the 3 vs 3 Groupfighting tournament for Bannerlord!


  • 3v3 tournament.
  • Must be played on 2v2 Groupfighting 1 server.
  • In order to join the server hosted by Gotha (thanks a lot for the server donation), you gotta download the custom map that was made by Crymore (big thanks for making it on such short notice), here's the link and extract the rar mp_groupfight in the following folder: Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\Native\SceneObj
  • If you have trouble scheduling a match with an opponent please let an admin know.
  • Post results of the match on the BNL Discord
  • Matches playing FT10 then sides swap and FT10 for other side (So basically FT20)
  • If there is draw, you must play FT3 tiebreaker for both sides.
  • Drop or sheath shield on purpose is not allowed.
  • Destroying your teammate's shield on purpose before fight is not allowed
  • Single Elimination
  • The default class for match is Seargent vs Sergeant/Vlandia vs Vlandia. Only swords are allowed, which means that the first perk always must be "Improved Armor" and you can use any second perk you wish with exception of "Cavalry Breaker" and "Two Handed Sword".
  • Players have one week to complete their designated match. Both teams are expected to add their opponent on steam/discord and monitor their Taleworlds private messages in order to set up a reasonable match time with their opponent. If evidence is provided that a player is unresponsive and does not attempt to fight their opponent within the given week, that team is automatically DQed from the tournament. If neither team attempts to fight their opponent or contact an admin regarding an extension, both are DQed and whoever is assigned to play the winner will be given a bye the following week. The Administrator will have final say on who advances based on the evidence of dodging that is provided.


  • Signups will be on the BNL Discord server HERE. Under the subcategory 3v3 by Kamby
  • Results shall also be posted in the same subcategory 3v3 by Kamby
  • Ideally im looking for 16 teams, in which case ill up the tournament prize to 35usd for every man on the winning team.

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