BNL EYW - V0.3 Status Report(s)

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BNL Eighty Years of War - V0.3 Status Report(s)

Dear Sirs and Ladies of Taleworlds Forum,

Our board has been kind of inactive sadly. This is mostly the cause because of me posting almost no progress reports or whatsoever.

So in this topic I will keep you more updated about the state of V0.3 of this mod. We made quite a bit of progress, mostly on coding, so there are not many models to show yet. If we have some, we will show you.

I decided to make V0.3 for both Mount&Blade and Mount&Blade:Warband. V0.3 will contain mostly new features, more armors, weapons, models etc, ships, cannons, guns, lords etc. To be in short, a lot. The two different versions that will be made, for Mount&Blade and Warband, will be different ofcourse. A little overview;

  • Mount&Blade
This version will contain the listed features below and I will try to get it better working so less crashes which is already the case with V0.21. This version will contain for example;

  • Field and Siege Artillery
  • Improved Naval Combat
  • More models for weapons, ships armor etc.
  • Kingdom Management
  • More realism, better historical accuracy that blends in with the gameplay
  • A better gameplay experience
  • Special troops from towns and regions, example is Eagle and the Radiant Cross

  • Mount&Blade: Warband
Will be a tweaked and modified version of V0.3 for Mount&Blade. So that simply means that this will be done after the version for Mount&Blade is finished. This version won't be very different from the one for Mount&Blade version, but it will support the new features of Warband such as marriage and stuff. It won't be much different from the version of Mount&Blade, but it will be for the ones who like to play the mod in Warband.

The Warband version will also contain a multiplayer part! Maybe we might release it the Warband as an single player first, and after that add a multiplayer part. This has not been decided yet. I will try to bring out patches for both of these when released.

What are we doing at the moment?

At the moment we are working on mostly models, textures and the features itself. We want to combine the looks of that time, with the models of Mount&Blade, so that takes time. Examples of the work can be found both here and of course in the rest of this board.

Please note that all these are expectations and wishes of myself at the moment. The outcome maybe different when both versions are done. Also, there are no guarantees or expectations on a release date.

If there any suggestions or comment, please feel free to post them.

Current Reports;

#1, Early Single-Player Progress.
#2, SP Spanish troops and MP scenes



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V0.3 Status Report #1


  • Siege artillery
  • New textures & models
  • New parties
  • New features*
  • Simple kingdom management

* = the Recruiter Kit, Extended prisoner talk, Custom camera, companions overview and new traders.

Well, here it is. The first preview for version V0.3 with screens and whole lotta of info! As usual, I am way to late such as I promised. Sorry for this, a lot of things came between it.

Screenshots might load slow!

*Siege Artillery*

As you can see in the lower spoiler, we implemented the Siege Artillery of Highlander successfully into the sieges. It enables you to kill enemy units on the walls and it will cause a rain of stone. Currently, it is only working in one scene, so there is more work needed on this feature. Also you can see I did not work on the troops yet, this will come later when we got more items and can start to work on them :wink:.

*Textures & Models*

We did a hell lot of work on retexturers, new models for the mod. Mostly, we will use weapons and armours from different OSP packs, which are often retextured to ensure the quality of it. Also we made them to give players the feeling that they are playing a way more fitting environment than already the case is with V0.21. We hope to achieve this by using these models.

Some old armours above


We are planning to include more features of course, such as good functioning patrols, kingdom management, better companion management, the recruiting kit and we also have included the custom camera to give a better overview on the battlefield (especially handy for artillery).

Also we included a new merchant, which will provide you with the necessary firearms in the mod. Furthermore, there is a new beggar faction which will hold fiefs on the map and act like a normal faction. There are no screenshots of the Kingdom Management, but it will be pretty basic to use.

Also we added some new cheats and custom commander in order to train your companions better and faster.

*Where do we work on now?*

We continue to work on the retex's, models etc. Also I am working to improve most of the scripts and insert some new features such as the Spear Bracing kit and to let the Kingdoms management work.


Silverwolf, for items from his pack.

Stinus, for some real good retex's!

Dimos, for some more retex's.

rubik, for the Custom Commander feature and the custom camera.

Highlander, for the artillery set.

Lyx, for the KM kit.

wanderer949, for his horses pack.

Jedediah Q, for the companions overview.



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Ok, a smaller update for you people.

We are currently working on full steam on the mod. We did a ****load of retex's again and managed to get a ****load more of models. So that means I will start on the troops very soon. With more screenshos :smile:.

I am alsmost finsihed all the troop trees, so I will post them on very soon. To give you a small indication of how they look like,

Factions, these are the regular faction troop trees. Every faction will have some strong and weak points. Also every faction will have a special unit which stands out of the rest and varies in class, for example from cavalry to musketeer, lancer etc.

Mercenaries, this version will contain a lot of mercenaries. For example the infamous German Riders and the Italian Landsknechts are available to you.

Bandits and outlaws, there will be an expanded bandit troop tree in this version. Such as deserted mercenaries, raiders, plunderers, sea pirates and beggars to fight in the country.

Farmers, citizen's and monks, they will have new troop trees too. Also there will be noble's available to hire which give you a good bonus on the battlefield. Also I will include monks and priests. What kind of role they will play, I will not reveal at this point.

City guards, cities will be guarded by city guards. These contain of regular army units and civilian units, such as the shooting orders from that time, milita's etc.

And some more which their existence in the version is not for sure. I hope to post more information about these next week.

spijdie said:

if you want to see many old gund go to the site and then visit the museum
Looks interesting, but I doubt I will visit the UK very soon.


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V0.3 Status Report #2


  • New items and troops
  • Multiplayer scenes

In this status report we will talk about some new items and the new mutiplayer scenes that will be included in the mod. This one is rather short, because you saw a lot of screenshots recently of the new scenes. So we will start with the new items and troops!

*Spanish Troops*

We started work again on the troops and their items. We almost completed all of the Spanish troops, so we are on the right track. The Spanish will be in this mod the strongest faction in general, with the best units and weapons. We did this because they were the most organised army back then.

Here are some screenshots for you to enjoy;

*Multiplayer Scenes*

You probobaly already see these screenshots, but we show it again! These are some screens of our multiplayer maps!

*Where do we work on now?*

Now we are still working on the single player troops, as shown above in the screenshots. Also we are putting the new items, and make some new ones, gather new ones etc. Also the multiplayer development is coming to an end. We have actually all things in it that we want and we need to have some more beta-tests to outline the general game balance.

Also we are finishing off the single player features, such as the artillery and the banking feature. Also we started to work on new quests, more information about those will come later :wink:.

On a side note, all status reports will be placed in a locked topic, and all comments about them in another. To keep it more organised.

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