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BNL:EYW covers a rather obscure part of history and, although many know the general outlines, it may require some help to get used to the featured moment in time and locations. For that reason, we decided to set up a Guide, that can lead you through the game in no-time (well, most of it, you're not gonna stop a large piece of metal aimed at your head with a fancy guide, duh.) Keep in mind that this Guide is a continuous WIP, and thus may contain anomalies.

We will add more information about the troops etc. later when we the new version has been released.

Frequently Asked Questions

How and what is this!? Is the mod released, in development, on hold, for old M&B, Warband etc.!?!
The mod is currently released for the old M&B and Warband. The version for the old M&B hasn't been updated for a long time, and is most likely to be updated when the Single-player is finished for Warband.

The Warband version features only multiplayer at the moment, but we are working on single-player components for the new version.

What is the current release?
V 0.21: A multiplayer version only for Warband without any SP components, yet. And the 0.21 for the old M&B.

Why aren't there any servers for this mod?!
The mod is currently still in development and so not that popular yet with the Warband scene so you will not find many servers that are running this mod.

What is the next release?
V 0.3: Improvement of the 0.2 on the field of bugs. We also will add a small portion of single-player together with a lot of new multiplayer concepts. There is no new release planned for the old M&B at the moment.

Is your game crashing often?
Then reinstall Mount&Blade and everything should work again or reinstall the mod can solve this. Try running your game in a lower resolution with less graphical enhancement for example.

Artillery: is it there, how does it work and where can I find it?
Artillery is currently being implanted into the mod.

Why doesn't the mod appears in my Module list of M&B?
Make sure you installed the Module folder of BNL in the Modules folder of your Mount&Blade map. The module makes use of an automatic installer, so it should detect the correct folder directly. If you use Steam, this might not be the case..

Why can't I download this mod?
The repository may be down for the moment, try a mirror site

Can anyone tell me what the 80 Years of War was exactly?
Take a look at this wiki-page, it explains the history thoroughly :wink:

Where can I report bugs and glitches?
Quite obvious: HERE.

Where can I post my suggestions?
Again, quite obvious: HERE.

However, if you have worked out this idea to an extend in which you think it deserves its own topic, feel free to create one in our board :wink:.
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